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March 12, 2012



gorgeous space! lovely lovely lovely, and love the details! congrats!


Congratulations to all who helped you create such a cheerful and bright sewing studio. I am sure that you and your invited guests (wish I could come but it is a bit far) will spend many happy hours stitching away.


Love your new studio. How lucky you are to have such a beautiful well organized area to create in. I think I envy you just a little bit. Enjoy...


Beautiful!!! Thank you so much for showing us your studio. I am so happy for you and can not wait to see all the quilts and projects you will be making. Speaking of quilts, what is the name of the 'quilt to be' on the design wall? It looks like it is going to be beautiful!


What a wonderful creative space! I hope it brings you many hours of enjoyment!


It's awesome! Truly a dream sewing studio. I loved seeing all the photos.


SOOOOOoooo awesome!!! I would never leave that room!! So happy for you!


Looks awesome, Nicole!!!!

Sarah N

What a great space! You are going to enjoy it so much! Thanks for sharing photos with us. Is it a separate building?


Oh Nicole, it is gorgeous! I can't believe how finished it already looks, you and your family worked hard. Here is to many happy hours in your studio!


Beautiful!!! What a blessing to have such a lovely place to sew. I know you will enjoy it! Have a great week playing in your new "studio" :)


Wonderful! Beautiful! Awesome! How nice that you have a beautiful spot to work and play in. We will be expecting great things to come out of such a neat space......not that everything you do isn't great anyway!

I am happy for you. Enjoy. Hugs........

Helen in Switzerland

Wow! What can I say? It's fabulous and I'm absolutely green with envy. No doubt, you're going to be having a lot of fun in there!

Sherry V.

What a great space! I can't wait to see everything that you are able to produce there.

I have to get in the basement & start clearing out & organizing my stuff (and DH's because he won't do it himself) so that I can show pictures on my blog.

Right now my sewing & quilting area just looks like a jumbled mess -- but after two floods I have gotten a little disheartened. Things were lost; other things were just dumped into boxes so every time I open something I'm not sure what I will find.

It is great to see blogs like yours -- gets me inspired to start going through things (probably one box at a time) so that I can get a bright, shiny, happy creative space also.

Keep up the good work!

Tracey Holzer

Just gorgeous!!!


Your studio is just lovely! A dream come true...right up there with the dream to live close to your daughter and her family! You are very blessed, Nicole! The "Cash and Carry" zipper bag project will be fun...I've made more than a few of those little gems, myself! But, my favorite photo from today's offerings has to be sweet Ozzie sunning himself in the doorway!


great space - was fun to watch the transformation.


Worth the wait. You've thought of everything! Just wish one of my daughters inherited my quilting gene. How lovely to have a space for Sarah to sew with you. OK. You've inspired me to straighten up my space again to continue creating. Congrats.


Thanks for the tour. Your new space looks fabulous. What a lovely space to sew in; you could spend all day there. Just need the Mister to bring your meals out to you!

Denise in PA

Beautiful! And, you deserve it! Thanks so much for the photo tour. I love that you have a two-machine table!


Your sewing studio is gorgeous!!! Congratulations on a wonderful transformation!!!


Just love it. It looks so warm and inviting. You will have such happy times in there. Really love the sewing table. Happy quilting!


Oh my gosh, such a special place! Lots of room to keep things organized, and I love the sewing table for two. It is so sunny and cheery that the creative juices will no doubt flow freely! :)

Becky in KCMO

How wonderful. Your quilts on the cabinet look great, but it would be nice to see more of them! I'm glad you finally have your space finished. I know it was a year from the time I moved to the time I sewed, and I was quite frustrated. So much to do to organize again. Yours looks great!


Congratulations on your beautiful studio and thank you so much for the tour! Your gratitude for such a space is so evident in your post. Enjoy!

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