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March 12, 2012


Barbara Anne

What a stellar place to exercise your amazing creativity and have fun! Love what you've done to make the studio fit you, your interests, and the mementos you cherish. It's a special joy to have room for Sara to come so you and she can sew and play together!

Applause to all who helped make your vision a reality, too!

Now the fun can start and sheer joy can send your spirit soaring!



Fabulous, you all did a lovely job! enjoy your space!


A lovely tour, thanks so much. Everything looks so neat and organized, and even the dog is enjoying it. I'm lucky enough to have a small sewing room, but would love to have the space for some of those fabulous cupboards you have.


Gorgeous and beautifully organized. Great planning to make it for two or more friends to stitch with you! Hope the air conditioning--even a window unit--goes in quickly !


Beautiful space! Problem is----now I want one too!
Wishing you many happy hours in this lovely space.


How lovely!! I think we get what we deserve in life, so you've obviously been very good!

Kathy R

It is beautiful! Congratulations to you and everyone involved. Thank you for the tour!


Your studio is just gorgeous! Thanks for the tour. Wishing you many, many hours of sewing fun!


What a wonderful space you've created! I wish you many happy hours of sewing-wish I could come sew there myself.


Well I am totally jealous now! It is wonderful.

Julie in WA

Big SIGH! Thank you for sharing your lovely sewing space with us! I have a very small shed behind my house...I wonder if my Koala Cub would fit in there......

Jan S.

How fun to see your studio - it is fabulous! Love the white cabinets, and the quilts on top & the quilt hanging in the bare space. Love it all - I would sew all day and night :)
When I set up my cabinets, I had display space, too. The cute stuff quickly gave way to books, or fabric.


Your room is just beautiful, a wonderful space to create in. It's so funny when you described the sewing table reconstruction. About six or seven years ago, my husband and son did just that with a six foot utility table I have. It works perfectly, nice and level surface to sew those big quilts!!!!! Love it.

Kay Mc

What a lovely sewing studio you have. I bet you never want to leave it. It is so nice to have your own space to sew & to be able to leave everything out & not have to put it away all the time.




Perfectly wonderful space! I have taken over my daughter's old bedroom and it is huge. I need to get it more 'user friendly'. Do you have any tips for where things should go? It seems like I am always taking the long way to the ironing board and so on...

Deb A

Beautiful space and so nicely organized, lucky you! Now you'll be major productive and we'll get to see all these wonderful projects just flying out the door!

Archie the wonder dog

It looks fabulous! I foresee you spending many happy hours in there!!

Christine Thomas

Fab-u-lo-so! It is gorgeous and just perfect.


Wow - your new studio could be in the pages of a magazine, Nicole! Your hubby, son-in-law and Handyman bill are to be commended for a wonderful job of construction and you for your incredible organization skills! I can see you spending many happy years in there creating gorgeous quilts! Maybe someday a little granddaughter will be sewing by your side as well ;>)


I've been eagerly awaiting the tour and when I saw it was up, I settled in with my beverage to enjoy. What a gorgeous space! I'm sure I will return to it again and again for inspiration. My sewing room is adequate but not special like your studio. So happy for you and will look forward to the wonderful creations to come.


Wow. It is so beautiful. What a lovely treat for you.

Elaine S.

Absolutely spectacular! Happy for you!

Bari Jo

This looks like a little bit of heaven!!! I love it! Thank you for the guided tour! It looks like a wonderful creative space and I am sure you will put it to great use!!! What a great room! Congrats on the new space!!!!! I think my favorite (one of them) part of your new room is the table for two! :O)


Oh my Nicole, what an incredible sewing studio. I know you will enjoy having such a nice bright spot to sew.

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