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March 13, 2012



my "Purple Thang" has to be close by too. It is a combination stiletto, 1/4 inch checker, fabric/block guide and cord/elastic threader. Can't do without it!

Christine Thomas

Within handy reach are several short scissors, definitely my Purple Thang, seam ripper, needles (machine, hand), snips, magnet pin cushion, machine feet, and bobbins. Oh yes, glasses (2 pairs), bunny tails (what you call leaders and enders), Machinger gloves. I'm sure I'm leaving something out. Receptacle for threads and little snips of fabric.


Cool basket liner! That brings little Christmas gifts to mind....... I like seeing what you keep close by. When I took my first quilting class, the teacher showed us how to use the leader/ender scraps. She called them "flags" and I've used them ever since!
sillysally aka choc chip addict


I keep post-it notes and a pencil for labeling rows and piles of fabric I'm assembling. I also use my first seam gauge from home ec (I was in Jr. High in the 60's)!! Your basket looks complete...those U pins continue to amaze me with the accuracy they produce!! Happy sewing in your studio with Sara and Eva!


I haven't seen U pins...I'll have to check them out. Good little basket idea! I keep a lint brush nearby, pin cushion, and also my purple thang, and a cute little pair of polka dot scissors, leaders and enders, my bernina 1/4 inch marker, a frizion pen, bobbins, a little cloth bag for threads, seam ripper, doggy treats, kitty treats, and a mug rug! I need a cute basket asap!


Love your pretty basket! What a great idea. Think I'll stop at Target soon and see if I can find me a basket. Oh, wait - I think I have one that will work. I love the idea of coralling all of my sewing necessities and containing them close by. Thanks for the inspiration!

Sandie @ crazy'boutquilts

I have a big pin cushion/thread catcher and a chopstick in addition to your things. :-) Love the lined basket.


It's such fun to see what others keep next to the machine! Where did your sister find the hand cream? I'm always looking for lavender hand cream and it's not always easy to find.


I love your basket, so cute. Thanks for the inspiration for a post. That was a fun idea.

Kathy L

Eva is so cute. Enjoy.

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