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April 16, 2012



I'm sure you have said it in a previous blog post, but what size are your Winding Way blocks? I went to Marti Michell's web site and she has 3 sizes of templates. Your quilt is beautiful and I love the checkerboard border! Nice job.

Barbara Anne

LOVE both Paulette's beautiful red Winding Ways quilt and your lovely blue Winding Ways quilt!! The checkerboard borders are brilliant!

I recently discovered a wonderful book that has chapters on using perle cotton and large quilting stitches. I got it at the library, but liked it so much that it's the first quilting book I've bought in ages. Title: "Quilt and Embellish in One Step!" by Linda Potter (C&T Publishing; 2004). Another friend bought the book from AQS at an excellent price.

Cheers for your BOM progress, too.

The photo of Ozzie and Remy says it all, doesn't it? Feel free to send the rain to us in Virginia. We're too dry.



Yes, yes, yes. The checkerboard border is the way to go. It is lovely! And you do need navy for the binding.

Rain yesterday and today in Minnesota, too. However, yesterday parts of the state had tornadoes, and today parts have 12 inches of new snow. Only in Minnesota!

How is Grandpa Larry?

Paulette Doyle

Now I HAVE to make a blue one too!! Absolutely gorgeous!! Love it!! Thanks so much for the lovely comments! I'm blushing...haha

Nancy Watkins

I love your Winding Ways quilt...I mean...REALLY love it! When you first mentioned checkerboard, I thought, oh, no, remember that other quilt that gave you a bit of problem with the checkerboard? Then I scroll down and Ozzie is sitting on that same quilt! I had trouble with that checkerboard too, but this time it must have went better for you. I think this quilt is going to be put on my "to do" list. Thanks for sharing!


LOL!! The last sentances made me laugh out loud! Beautiful quilts.


The checkerboard border is perfect. I can see that now I might have to make that Winding Ways in red also. Oh dear, another quilt on the list!


oh wow! that quilt is amazing!!!!!


Thanks for sharing the red quilt! I think that checkerboard border is the perfect solution and I also agree with the comment about navy for the binding. Ozzie & Remy are so adorable snoozing the day away together! How could you resist taking a pix? Hope Grandpa is making progress in his recovery!


Wow, Nicole, the checkerboard border is looking fabulous. At first, I thought it might be too much competition for the quilt blocks, but seeing it made up, it's gorgeous. I also love Paulette's version as well, and the big stitch is going to look great.


I'm so glad you're going with borders like Paulette did! It would be great either way, but this really is fantastic, Nicole! Poor doggies - we have the same drizzly stuff here and I know how they feel!


I LOVE the checkerboard border! It looks great! I am going to keep that in mind for future projects. I also like Piano Key borders.


I love it! It's so beautiful in both color combos. ;p

Lisa D.

Love the checkerboard! It's a great addition to your quilt!

Bari Jo

Bahahahahah - the dogs are just tooo cute! (and yes - wash the cushion bahahahahahaha) Oh I love the red quilt and how she finished it... that is a great idea - yes! yours looks sooooo good - love it! Now I want to make this quilt, too... I even went to Marti's website to check out the rulers... I just have to decide which size... I can't decide! Thanks for the heads up on a new fun blog!


Love your quilt Blue is my colour.Those Dogs are so cute.I think they are spoiled.
Hugs Mary.xx


Your quilt looks wonderful love the border. I wasn't sure if you hand or machine pieced it? Would be hard to choose between red or blue, have to add it to the list!!

Love the photo of Ozzie and Remy too cute.


Nicole, I love the idea of the checkerboard border on your blue Winding Ways Quilt. I also like the red Winding Ways Quilt. Hmmm, I think I want to make both quilts.

karen kineman

This is so much fun, going around and finding all these quilt blogs!

karen kineman

Love the animal pics! this is really fun going around and looking for these pics!

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