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April 19, 2012


Barbara Anne

Oh! Thank you for pointing me to machine quilting tutorials. I was just about to plunge into clumsily quilting a birthday gift for a non-quilter friend. Perhaps this will save me - and the gift!! I pressed it to the Hobbs fusible batting last night with the backing in place underneath it.

Off to learn all I can from Patsy - and quickly!


Barbara Anne

Me again ...

I LOVE Patsy's web site!

Did you have to establish an account to see the free tutorials? I have no account (yet) and could not click to see any of the machine quilting tutorials.

... just wondering!


Yes! I have seen this before! Thanks for sharing it.


I read a article in the Quilters Newsletter a few years back (maybe more than that) that cautioned spray basting with white or off white fabrics. It tends to yellow them in time. Just saying.

Gillian Dempster

I have been spray basting my quilts with 505 for about 2 years now. It is the only way I can baste as I have arthritis in my back and cannot bend for any length of time. I love it and have had no problems with any of my quilts large and small. I have even hand quilted a lap quilt and it did not move.


I use 505 and Patsy's tutorial for a lap quilt a while back and loved it! I have also purchased and had good results with an Elmer's spray adhesive, non staining, temporary adhesive..purchased at WalMart for less than half the price of 505. I will definitely use it fabric side effects, and it has been a year.


I love Patsy Thompson's quilting videos - they are well worth the money. I play them on my computer while following along with dry erase markers and plastic page protecters with a piece of copy paper inside. When I am comfortable drawing the designs, I go to my machine and practice on little quilt sandwhiches.



I watched that video last week. It is awesome. Unfortunately, it does not work well with hand quilting.

Grandma Goose

A little late with this comment: An experienced quilter said she sprays only the batting with 505, not the fabric face (top) and backing.

Thank you for the heads up on the tutorial.

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