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April 12, 2012



I'll send him a card! Just let me know the address


Hugs to you Nicole! Hope Grandpa can take advantage of the nurses to get a little extra pampering and lots of rest so that he can be in good shape for the surgery. I'll send along a card too.

Paula Zumaris

Nicole, why not post Grandpa's address on your site. I would send a card. Is his little house close to you? Hopefully rehab can be close by as well. Healing will probably be slow. I am sending my concern and love to all of you.


I'd love to send Grandpa a card! I work as a CNA in an elder care/rehab facility and I see the struggles that the families go through when trying to lead their own lives and take care of elderly relatives. Make sure to take care of yourself while you have a quiet moment...

Kathleen G

I'd love to send Grandpa a card too! Bless his heart...and yours. This is a stressful time for you all.

Dresden Quilter

I would be happy to send a card.

Sherry V.

I'll add to the card avalanche also.

Hopefully the stress will all be over soon & all of you can get back to your "normal, boring" lives!

Barbara Anne

Please send me Grandpa's information and I'll be happy to send a card, too.

How is it you're 130 miles from the action? Did Grandpa have to be moved to a larger hospital for his surgery? I hope the surgery is today so the recovery can begin.

As much as is possible, do enjoy these brief days of tranquility while you and Ozzie have the house to yourselves. I know that may be difficult with a good part of your thoughts and your heart so far away.

Love the progress on your BOM and on the wonderful Winding Ways quilt!

Big hugs to all!

Debbie R.

I'd love to send a card, so send me the contact info.

In the meantime, try to enjoy the time in your studio, and relish the progress you're making.


I'll be more than happy to send a card to Grandpa! As another reader said, you can use this time to take care of yourself and get in some quiet time. Your 'turn' to babysit and get back to a day-to-day routine will return in no time! Meanwhile, enjoy working on that basket block!


I'd love to send 'grandpa' a card.


Me too.....send address!

Barbie Jo Paquin

I would love to send Grandpa a card as well! My 95 year old Father lives alone 1/2 way across the country. There is not a day that I don't wish he were closer, however he is where he grew up and wants to stay. Where he still plays softball on the Sr league LOL! I enjoy how sweetly you take care of "Grandpa".


I would be happy to send a card. I hope you feel better too!
Beth F


Oh Nicole, I would love to send grandpa a card. Reading the cards people sent was a highlight of the week for my husband when I came to the hospital. I love your winding ways. There is always so much visual interest to that block... and I think they are kind of addicting too.
You have a nice stack of alternate blocks ready to go for your long lost BOM! I know you are going to have that in the final stages soon!!!


Nicole, I would be happy to send your grandpa a card. My mother in love is in the last stages of dying and my FIL is having a really hard time, even though he has his family surrounding him. So I understand the need for encouragement and support.


Send address and I'll send a card. You mention the BOM rehab program, but then I see your Winding Ways quilt. After seeing that a couple of times, I ordered a set of templates to start my own Winding Ways. I hope it turns out as well as your's look. Thanks for sharing.


Put me down for a card!

Sallee in NH

I love basket blocks too & I'll send a card!

Deb A

I would send a get well card, drop me the address. Praying that he gets better soon!


Nicole, I would love to send Grandpa a card. Many of us have been through similar situations with older loved ones. Take care. (And corn chowder with bacon on a rainy day sounds yummy!)

carol fun

Be happy to put a card in the mail - just shoot me an email.

Mary on Lake Pulaski

Take care Nicole.
I'd be happy to send a card to Grandpa.


Love to send a card to Grandpa! Please send the addy. And you friend, take care. love, Pam


I would love to send Grandpa a get well soon, thinking of you card.

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