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April 13, 2012



Nicole, I'll send a card to Grandpa, too. Just send the address.

We had masses of thunder and lightening here in the bay area, too, last night. I found the cat under the bed hiding at one point -- in 14 years he's never heard anything like it!

Winding Ways looks great -- I tried a few of those blocks some years back but didn't like the results...

Carol Beasley

Please send addrss for Grandpa as I would love to send a card. Love your blog.


I'm so glad to hear that Grandpa is doing better! Too bad he was soooo close to moving into his cottage. He'll be there soon I'm sure. It sounds like he has lots going for him right now with all of the love and support from you and your family. I like your winding ways quilt with no border. It looks great like it is to me :-)

Karen Shackleford

Hi Nicole - So glad to hear that Grandpa Larry's surgery went well and he is on the mend. My heart goes out to all of you during this challenging time. Loved seeing the stormy California sky. I am from the Bay area of California, and now live in Albuquerque where thunderstorms are "normal". Keep going on your Winding Ways quilt. It's terrific!


So glad to hear Grandpa's surgery went well.
I wish him a swift recovery.


Hi Nicole,
Please do send me his address. I am also a Microbiologist and would love to correspond with him about about that.


Mary Kastner

Hi Nicole,

Love the quilt. It is a favorite pattern of mine. Please send Grandpa's address to me - I feel so bad for him but it sounds like he is on the road to recovery.

Best Wishes,


I love the patterns (and I mean that with a capital S), this is really cool and looks very complex. I like it without a border... but you should do what you want to do!

Sorry to read about Grandpa - definately send me the address so I can send him a card.

Be sure to take care of yourself too - so much stress taking care of family, isn't it!

Carolyn McCulligh

Nicole -
Count me in on sending grandpa a card....just need the address.


I would love to send a card to Grandpa

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