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April 13, 2012


Barbara Anne

Good morning!

Cheers that Grandpa's surgery went well and that he's on the mend, slowly but surely. Now to make sure he turns, coughs, and deep breathes every two hours while awake. Can Grandpa move closer to home for rehab? Hope so.

Love the Winding Ways quilt!!! IMHO, a simple border is needed to tame and to contain its wonderful pattern. I suggest you do a Google image search for "Winding Ways quilt" and feast your eyes on the options. At least one quilt I saw there is also blue and white and it has a simple border of what looked to me to be a dark blue.

The view from your back deck is amazing!



Hi Nicole, do send me the address and I'll be more than happy to send Grandpa a get well card.
I think I would put a border on the quilt.


My Winding Ways has a border. My quilt is blue and white like yours, but not scrappy. Just two fabrics. It has no containment border, just a blue border. I like it. If you want, I'll send you a picture of it just so you can see if you like the idea.


Glad to hear Grandpa's surgery went well. Please, send me his address and I'll send a card or two his way. My grandmother lived to be 99 and I know how much she enjoyed receiving cards and letters!!

Sherry V.

Good for Grandpa! Glad to hear that things went as well as could be.

With all the different shades of blue and white in your quilt I'm wondering if just putting a binding would cause the edges to look "blurry" -- especially if it is the same as one of the fabrics it touches?

But I could be biased. . . I like borders on quilts. It makes them look a little more "finished" to my eye.

However, it is YOUR quilt. . .and you know what makes you happy. And I haven't seen any quilt you've done that I wouldn't love to have myself.

Enjoy your day.


I like the quilt without borders.
Please send me Grandpa's address and I will send him a card.

Sandy (Strlady)

So happy your Grandpa is on his way to recovery. Just being able to get past the surgery seemed to be a hurdle on it's own. So, hopefully, smooth sailing.
I couldn't get on yesterday, but if you send me an address I would be happy to send some sunshine his way. I recently lost my 93 year old grandma and know how important it is to make them feel special while you can.

Your Winding Ways quilt could use a simple border. Maybe a thin cream one and then a wider blue. I feel the border will give your eye a place to rest since the center has so much movement and by using a simple border you keep the focus on the gorgeous center. There you have it. For what it's worth! Happy Friday Nicole!

Paulette Doyle

Check out the border that I put on my Winding Way quilt...

I really like it. Looks great as a table topper on my kitchen table.
LOVE your blue WW quilt!! Might just have to make another WW after seeing yours! Can't wait to see what you decide!
PS So happy that Grandpa is on the mend!!


Nicole: I would love to send him a card. Annette Dalrymple

Grandma Goose

A plain (or mottled pattern) dark blue border would frame your Winding Ways quilt. Check out examples in Nancy Elliot MacDonald's Winding Ways book on Amazon -- she uses borders on most of her quilts.

Hope Grandpa is doing better.

Laurel Larimer

Hi Nicole,
I finished my winding ways quilt with half blocks on all sides for a scalloped look, which I love. The half block shape makes a gentle scallop which was easy to bind.
You might want to consider it as a "border" option.
Glad to hear your FIL came through surgery well.


Hi Nicole. Glad to hear Grandpa is doing so well. It's always a little iffy when a 90-year-old has any kind of surgery. At first, I thought, no border, but after seeing Sweet P's Winding Ways with borders, I think I've changed my mind and would go with a single border to rest the eye. Great photo of the storm clouds, we seldom get thunder or lightning here on Vancouver Island either. Guess it's a west coast thing.


Hi Nicole, I'm so glad to hear that Grandpa is doing well. I know the road to recovery will be slow, but I'm keeping him and all of you in my thoughts and prayers.

Now, on to Winding Ways...I think the quilt is absolutely beautiful and I love the secondary pattern. As for a border, I was just thinking that for those that say the circles make them dizzy, maybe a small solid border would frame the blocks in a way that would both highlight the wonderful patterns in the quilt yet at same time, calm them just a bit. Kind of like looking at the beautiful rolling ocean...if you can see the shoreline, it doesn't take away from the beauty of the waves, it helps you to appreciate them more. (Does that make sense, LOL) Hugs...


We've been out of town, Nicole, so I'm just now hearing your update on Grandpa. Mr. Squash and I would love to send him a card if we can get the mailing address. I would not put a border on Winding Ways - she's gorgeous just the way she is! Take care and we're sending the best to you, Grandpa and your family!

Carol Hoffman

I am new to blogs and just found yours. I really enjoy it. I am so sorry to hear about your father-in-law. My father is 91 and I know how lost he would be without mom.

Please send me his address as I would love to send him a card from the Canadian Arctic.



how about instead of a border, finish it with half blocks on the edges like on this page: I love how that finishes off the 'circles' and creates an interesting edge :)


I like the quilt without a border, but after seeing Sweet P 's border, I absolutely love her border. I would like to send Grandpa a card.

Kay Mc

I'd love to send Grandpa a card, so send me his address. I have a soft spot for old men for some reason & hate to think of them alone & sad. My husband thinks that's a good thing since we'll be there before we know it.


I'd be happy to send a card if you let me have the address
Chris x

JoAnne McPherson

I made a kaleidoscope quilt (it has a similar circular effect, but not quite so much as the Winding Ways) and I did not use a border. It was completely scrappy and I thought a border would be more confusing. When I first glanced at your photo today, I thought you have finished and added a cream border (it was your design wall that I was interpreting as the border.) I thought it looked great with a cream border. Please email me Grandpa's address as I would love to send a card as well.


I love this quilt. If it makes you woozy, send it to me. I'll take GOOD care of it!

So glad the surgery went well. :)


A Navy man! I knew I liked Grandpa!!!!!

Carmen Martens

Hi there. I would be so happy if you would share an address for my family and I to send Grandpa a note. We just returned from a holiday in the San Diego area and my son fell in love with the USS Midway. He is an aspiring pilot (he's 9 so there's a way to go) but was smitten with all the retired Navy volunteers that led our tours. I know he would love to write a note of good wishes to such a Navy man, too! Take care!

Mary Flynn

I've sat here reading and catching up on your blog. So sorry about about some bad luck and timing! Bless his heart and yours....loving hugs/prayers sent for quick recovery time and get him to his cottage!
Your Winding Ways is delightful..better yet made from stash! Doesn't it nearly seem free that way? LOL


So happy to hear Grandpa's surgery went as well as it did! I hope that means he's going to continue to surprise you with a speedy recovery! He does sound like such a nice man and he's lucky to have a loving family surrounding him!
Love the quilt blocks! Borders or no borders probably boils down to personal preference! You could audition some to see how you feel about them.

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