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April 20, 2012



The bags are so cute. I found that regular batting (I use warm & natural) works as well as the fusible stuff and you don't have to take the time to iron it on - another time saver.


Give him an extra hug, too! Hope he is doing well.


You'll have lots of fun opening cards with Grandpa Larry! It's great to see so many in the pile! Yay for blog readers coming through! The zippy cases are, as always, terrific looking! Have a great visit this week-end!

Patt Anderson

I love your little eyeglass case -- you make everything so fun. Do you use a specific pattern or just make it up. Give Grandpa a special hug and warm wishes for a speedy recovery.

Barbara Anne

Love the zippy cases! Is there a tutorial?

Add a hug for Grandpa Larry from me, please! Hope he's well on the mend. Have you planted any flower seeds around his cottage yet?

Hope Eva weathers this teething bother soon.



What a terrific little case, Nicole! Yes, the Christmas ideas are beginning to build thanks in part to you! I hope Grandpa Larry enjoys all his wonderful cards!


THANK YOU ENGLAND AND NEW ZEALAND! Yep, meant to shout that. Grandpa will get a kick out of the international postal stamps. ;p

So, am I on your xmas list? Hope so cause I could really use the eyeglass case! ;p

Enjoy your weekend.

Frances from England

If I'd known he likes stamps I would have tried to get a more interesting one!!...

Bari Jo

Hi! I would love to make the little bags and get a head start on Christmas! I've actually been crocheting some scarves to get ahead of the game and these little bags would be wonderful additions! I hope my card gets there today!!! If not, it should be there tomorrow and can go in the next batch to him! :O) I am praying for him and hope he gets to come home much sooner than anticipated!

Elaine S.

Would love to have the pattern for the cases.


Wow, the eyeglass case is really cute. I hope Grandpa Larry is doing well. He better be doing what the physical therapy lady says!

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