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May 15, 2012


Barbara Anne

Love the blocks, the fabrics, and the mug rug idea!

I have planned a coffee wall hanging and a potato chip. Coke, and chocolate wall hanging for two of DH's aunts who run on those foodstuffs. Before I start anything, I have to clean up this sewing room disaster area.

I had the most delightful surprise on Saturday morning when DS1, who lives in Georgia, showed up on our front porch with his sweetie!!!! We had a marvelous time during their short visit and it was all just wonderful. The family had been plotting to get them here for Mother's Day weekend and I didn't suspect a thing. Joy!

Hope Grandpa is doing well and can soon move into his sweet cottage.



Those are terrific little mug rugs! Love the fabric lines and glad that they go together so well. I have a couple fat quarters of the Java fabric and wish that I had gotten some more.

Mother's day here was quiet - but we did all go out for breakfast/brunch which was really nice. Made a couple of matching zippy strippy bags and gave them as Mother's Day gifts.

Christine Thomas

$20 sounds about right. Whenever I'm trying to figure pricing, I act as if I were going to buy it. $5 per mug rug seems okay. But I wonder if I would pay $25 or $30 for a set of 4. At this point, you're using up leftover fabric. If you had to go buy new fabric and make these, your investment would be greater therefore necessitating a higher price. Do you think the market would/could support the price increase?
Mother's Day was ever so delightful. Spent it with 2 daughters and their children 2 of whom were having their first Mother's Day with their moms and their Nana. We went to a park which was beautiful and the weather was ever so cooperative.

Patt Anderson

Cute little mug rugs. Your fabric choice is perfect and you do such nice work. I just finished my Farmers Wife Quilt, I made it square and used my stash, mostly Kansas Trouble fabrics, but it was fun using what I had on hand. The Farmers wife blocks also turn out to be 6" finished, so If you need more variety you could use that as a guide.

Paula Zumaris

I am loving the coffee material. That would tempt me! When you get to the point that you need to buy material wine prints should be a hot item at a wine tasting store. Some of us go nuts for anything wine.


They are very nice! I think the 20.00 is a good price. I really wanted to thank you for putting me unto the U pins - they are so useful! My blocks have been coming out with perfect points and look amazing! Thanks so much for your blog and sharing your thoughts, projects and ideas with us. I check everyday to see if you've posted.


What a joy to find stash fabric that's so perfect for those mug rugs. $20 seems right as a price point where people don't have to think very hard whether they want to spend that much or not.
My husband always says charge twice as much as you think for quilted items - you spend so much time and talent on making things - but the general public doesn't see it that way.

Becky (central oregon)

Love what you are doing with the rugs...
Even though you are "shopping your stash" at some point your going to want to replinish the stash...
soooo the going rate on fabric of the lovely stuff is $10 a yard at the low end.
figure your yardage and go from there.
Is your SIL getting a cut? figure the price like he is regardless.


cute mugrugs! I love the fabrics & block patterns you are using :)

keep in mind your stash fabric isn't free, it only feels that way because you didn't pay for it recently, but it did cost you money. Also I think there is an ethical consideration here - there are people who are trying to earn an income from their handmade products. They need to make money, it is their job. They have to pay for materials and labor (their own or someone else's) and their pricing reflects that. If you significantly undercut the fair market value of your product because you don't feel you need to get that much, other people who are trying to earn a living can't compete.

The basic formula for pricing handmade goods is 'cost of materials + labor($20/hour) x2(this acounts for all other costs including electricity and gas to deliver the goods) = wholesale cost. wholesale x2 = retail.' I read a great post about this somewhere in blogland, but unfortunately I can't remember where :( I'm sure if you do a little looking around you can find lots of info on selling handmade items.

Best of luck to you on your new endeavor - and to your SIL, too!

Carol Beasley

$20.00 seems a little low, I know the amount of work that goes into what you are doing. Sometime you will have to buy new yardage and that is getting very costly.

I also like the wine and grape idea, might make some for my daugher.

Good luck, I love to read your post.



Like another wise person said, think what YOU would pay for these. Personally, I would pay $25, but not more. Glad these are selling for you - they are very nice!


I would agree that $20.-25. would be a good price point. Whatever the market will bear, too. If you are going near any boutiques or shops that sell similar items this week you might check in on their pricing of similar items. They're so darn cute, I imagine your customers can't resist them! Are the zippy bags selling out? Silly question, I know!

Deb Myers

TRY $25/4 and see what happens! will they sell as fast? if they sell slower, that's ok. if the don't sell at all...lower the price back down to $20~~ you can justify the price of yours...they're made by HAND....meticulously i might add! i bet there's NO comparison to ones in other shops/boutiques, etc. best of luck with your venture!!


Those are so cute! I think $20-$25 sounds like a reasonable price. I don't have any of that Bistro fabric but I do have some of the Java line - such nice fabric.

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