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May 02, 2012



This face is just fine with me. I have loved Ozzie's adventures.

Barbara Anne

Ozzie is welcome to star on your blog since a little Miss Someone's arrival has moved him off center stage! Cute mug, to boot!

When DS1 was born, our 6 year old mutt took on nursemaid role, but when he started to walk, she'd bump him in the diaper so he'd fall. It was like she was telling him that he was low man on the family totem pole! When DS2 was born, said nursemaid dog sniffed him, and turned away shaking her head as if we had learned nothing from having the first kid around!



Yes, Ozzie is 'almost' as cute! I love his mis-adventures!!


Well, helllloooooo Ozzie! Great to see you! You are such a handsome boy! Don't be a stranger because you're a crowd favorite! ...psssst! what happened to the rubber ducky?? didn't??...


Your Grandbaby is really cute and I totally understand your decision. Better safe than sorry. Lucky you have such a gorgeous dog to star in your blog instead. Keep showing us the Ozzie photos!

Stephani in TX

You have gone and done it Nicole. I have resisted forever, the making of bags and ditties while concentrating on making quilts. However I just love the versatility of the size of the bags you have made. Having bought quite a few of the high-priced brands for the new daughters who have joined the family, I plan to make use of your tutorial for making my own. Eva looks like she is rock'n the family. We are holding our breath with excitement over the coming wedding of our younger son and fiance in about two weeks. Loved catching up with Ozzie. He is such a rock; he never changes!!

Sherry V.

Ozzie works for me!

Of course, Sophie updates would be welcomed as well.

And, in case you didn't know, quilty posts are always well read & loved.


Hello Ozzie! You are the stand in I see..well that's ok, and even though you don't want to admit it, I think you secretly love baby E as much as the rest of the family. You can't fool us. If push came to shove, you would be right there with all the other family members guarding her with your life. Nice try though...

Mary Flynn

I do love Ozzie. Its a shame how guarded we need to be in today's world.


Ozzie always makes me smile! (Even when he's being ornery, or maybe that's especially when he's being ornery??) Will miss the pictures of Baby E, but totally understand....our enjoyment of seeing her pictures isn't worth any worries over her safety!

Looking forward to hearing about more of your adventures and seeing more lovely quilting and other projects!


Love it!

Patt Anderson

Love that Ozzie and I bet he loves Baby E.

Deb A

Ozzie - You'll do in a pinch, you're such a cutie! I have two dachshunds, Molly and Max and they're glad to see/hear about someone other than babies too, since we have a 20 month granddaughter.


Love your blog - this one especially put a smile on my face!

Elaine S.

You are so clever, Nicole! Ozzie is just the BEST. Good to see him again.

Paula Zumaris

OK Ozzie, come clean! I think you are behind this whole plot. So you just didn't want to share the lime light with that baby. I know, you were here first.


It's a dogs life, isn't it, Ozzie! Hang in there -- your people love you and soon enough you'll be begging to play with Baby E!


OH Nicole I love to read your stories you should write A book it would be good reading.Never mind OZZIE we all still love you.
Hugs Mary.xx

Robyn Kirk

Ozzie face is fine with me, he just gets more and more cute.


Ozzie you are a darling! It's always fun to see you and here about your antics. Your pal Remy is pretty sweet too. Haven't heard much about your crabby sister, Sophie, for some time. Maybe she is living in a home where she is the only dog and can be queen.

Will miss seeing pics of Eva but safety is first.

Karen Shackleford

Nicole, you are such fun! Great Ozzie post. I applaud your decision re: photos of little Eva, even though I'll miss seeing her happy little face. But caution is definitely wise these days, unfortunately. Looking forward to seeing your next quilt project!


Hey me
Happy to see your face again! I was wondering where you had been!
Looking forward to hearing and seeing you more.


Happy to see Ozzie again! He's so adorable!


Love Ozzie. He's so cute. Sad about the little one, but I'm sure we will hear how she's doing, right?


First of all, I LOVE the new shaggy look! He looks adorable. Secondly, the 'Happy Cap' sounds like the 'Cone of Shame' from the movie Up. Yeah, I wouldn't like that either. ;p

Give Mr. Ozzie a kiss and a hug from us. ;p

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