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May 11, 2012


Barbara Anne

Love 'em, one and all, you crafty thing, you!!
Hope the mug rugs sell well!



Crafty indeed. What a great idea! And a fabulous way to use scraps as well.


Everything is so cute! Do you have a little label to sew into your bags & mug rug sets? You've got a nice 'cottage industry' going on and people will want to know who made them!! Have a great Mother's Day week-end!


LOVE those bags! The grey and citron color are beautiful together.

pam hansen

...and the best Mother's Day to you Nicole.
Thanks for all the enjoyment you provide.
Please continue updates on Great-Grandpa.


So many cute little blocks! I'm sure they'll have wide appeal for the customers. Um, and maybe I have a wicked sense of humor, but I think selling drunkard's path paraphernalia at a winery is a hilariously great idea! I say go for it. Hope you enjoy your mother's day weekend!

Deb A

Love the bags, they're all so cute. So are the mug rugs, you've been busy this week!

Nancy G.

Love the mug rugs. And the little bags are just awesome. You inspired me to make some and they are addictive. As soon as I finish one I want to make another. Maybe I should follow your suggestion for making them assembly line fashion.


THe mug rugs are beautiful...expect to sell a lot of them..really, you will. I would make Drunkard's Path. Visitors will enjoy the humor in it. ;p

Have a lovely, lovely mother's day. try to stay's gonna be hot tomorrow. ugh.


Wow, those mug rings are awesome. I totally dig it. Right on. OH hey, happy mothers' day! You're the best mom a guy could hope for. Woo hoooo!!!!

Bari Jo

these will all look so great in the shop - totally LOL with the drunkard's path proposal.... bahahahahahaha..... Have a wonderful weekend celebrating being a mom and a grandma!!! How special! And doggy mommy to Ozzie too!


Nicole, the Mug Rugs and your zipper bags are all wonderful. You have been busy haven't you? I hope you have a blessed Mother's Day weekend.


Really nice mug rugs, or wine glass rugs, and I just love those zippered bags!


Yes, you have been busy! Everything looks great! Here at my house I make "key mats". When my kids started driving, they would toss their keys on the table next to the front door... I didn't want distressed furniture, so I made "key mats"!
Have a relaxing and Happy Mothers Day.


If they haven't already, your mug rugs will sell in an instant, Nicole! Happy Mother's (and Grandma's) day!


"Peace on Earth" is the card trick block.

Your machine quilting looks great - remember we are all beginners at something, all the time. You were a beginner quilter at one time (as I am now) and you are an accomplished quilter now!! I like the table runner - very springy!

Happy Mom's Day Nicole!

Mary on Lake Pulaski

Hope your Mother's Day was very nice Nicole. What a great addition to the wine tasting to have hand made gifts available for purchase. They are all beautiful.


Love the mug rugs & the bags! You've been so busy - everything looks awesome!

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