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May 22, 2012



I am loving your Doc! Perfect for some red, white and blue decorating!!

Barbara Anne

I like the look, too! Cheers for creativity and consideration that gives your Doc Schnibbles a stellar look of its own!

As you know in the last year, I've made several small quilts and only one larger quilt. My family and friends have more wall and table space than they have beds and we're all enjoying making seasonal changes with the little quilts. Besides, little quilts can more easily be quilted by machine at home or even by hand.

How is Grandpa doing? Did you get the flowers planted at his cottage?



Oh so cute - I want to make one too - but have just too many unfinished projects at the moment - perhaps in the fall.


You did good! It is lovely.

Patt Anderson

Very nice Nicole...We all better get busy and get our started. You keep us inspired and motivated. Thanks....

Mary Flynn

Your Four is a good size since it is one of the larger Schnibbles I've made. I just posted mine today. Such a fun one to make!! Love your fabric choices!


Looks like the Doc makes house calls, Nicole! How adorable - I need to get going on mine!


Your Doc is looking good!

Susan Ramey Cleveland

One of my favorite block patterns, Card Trick. That just happens to be my guild's block of the month for June. I love your schnibbles.


It is perfectly perfect! Yeah!!!


Me too! ;p

Karen Beigh

I thought you must have had a little accident of some kind by seeing the blog post title. But now, I get it.

Bari Jo

Love the patriotic colors and also the smaller size!!!

Jane Eilderts

Love your Doc!! I really enjoy table toppers so always like seeing a new idea!! Just a quick question - where is the best place for me to order my Schnibbles patterns?? Thanks so much - and I look forward each day to your blog!!


love your choice of fabrics for this quilt, adorable.
love the hst

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