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May 24, 2012


Barbara Anne

What a great idea and tutorial!! Thanks!

Love the fabric you chose for your new cover. Isn't it just beautiful?!

About two years ago DH made a wonderful rolling ironing cabinet for me. It has a broad rectangular top with two wings that can be put up if I need the extra length. I'm not sure this top would lend itself to a new cover, but that cabinet pictured in the Sew Much Good tutorial gives me ideas about jazzing up the plain sage green ironing cabinet itself!


Christine Thomas

How encouraging to be able to make a new cover practically at whim. Thank you.

BUT, I want to see Barbara Anne's rolling ironing cabinet. I have been wanting something new and that sounds like what I want.

Susan Ramey Cleveland

Love it! You're so smart.


I need one badly! ;p


Your new cover makes me green with envy. (Groan -- sorry, couldn't resist.) That is a great tutorial and I may have to try it out one day when I'm not preparing for daughter's high school graduation and all the ensuing parties. Yikes!


I'm so glad you made your ironing board cover and found out it was FAST & EASY! Thanks for sharing my blog. I feel another tutorial coming on. Stay Tuned!


BTW Barbara Anne -- That dresser, painted ala Mary Engelbreit, was just an ugly old dinged up oak dresser left over from the kids. It got its new life last fall in my garage. Watch for a future post where its transformation is featured. It is now the focus of my little sewing studio(aka spare bedroom).

teresa mk

Hey, Nicole
Luv luv luv your new ironing board cover. Don't know if I could've sacrificed such a gorgeous piece of fabric but now that I see it done up, it makes such a statement...beautiful.
I just tackled the cords under my sewing table last weekend and am loving the certainly clears up all the visual clutter and tripping hazards. Simply attach (I used screws but not all the way in...3M removable hooks might also work) the power bar to the inside of the table's skirt. Then you can bundle up any electrical cords that are hanging down from the power bar and secure to the underside of the table...voila...messy cords are outa sight! Here's the bonus...I have my sewing machine, ott lamp and radio all plugged into the same power bar so I never forget to turn anything off as the radio and lamp are a reminder to turn off the power!


It looks so nice! I'm headed over now to check out the tutorial. Thanks so much for sharing.

Bari Jo

Thank you so much for this! Can't wait to try it! :O)


Great tutorial and its always good to have something pretty to admire when ironing, which is something I do not like to do.

Karen CA

Someone already said it, but I was going to suggest attaching your cords to the underside of your table to hide them and run it down the leg to the plug, not sure where your plug is. Great job on the ironing board cover.

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