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May 16, 2012



How good of Cheryl to let you (us) know. I have a bolt of Moda Bella White, and it's great. Perhaps I'll have to invest in the Snow also.

Barbara Anne

That Moda Snow is the perfect fabric for this project and applause for Cheryl for telling you and us about it!

Of course, what it brings to my mind is a line from some old song DH used to sing to our little sons, "... and don't you eat that yellow snow ..."!!!! Ewwwww!

Still chuckling at the thought!


Sandy M

I love Kona solids and the Snow is perfect for a white that is not too white. I have never bought a Bella but know many that are exclusive Bella buyers. What are your thoughts on the differences. I know the Kona is nice and heavy so you don't have that transparency issue lots of light solids have.

I love Fig tree so it's wonderful to know what matches. It makes little sense to purchase the fig tree line solid when the snow will work and is considerabley less expensive. Thanks to Cheryl for the great suggestion and to you for posting your feedback on the purchase!

Denise in PA

So glad to know it is Moda Bella Snow!! I bought a bunch and was shocked when it didn't look like the Kona Snow. But I just started using the Moda Snow with a quilt with Fig Tree fabrics - and it's the right stuff!!!

Paula Zumaris

LOVE that fabric!!


I have used Kona Snow for years. I try to buy it in 10 yard increments. So love it as the perfect "not so white" white in a project.


Nicole..I'm happy to hear it was just what you were looking for...its one of my favorites..the new line which is d├ębuting at Quilt Market this week and will be released in September has the prettiest cream in it, we all here in the studio agree, so you might want to keep an eye out for it.

Helen in Switzerland

Now that I like!!!!


Yes, those of us in the snow country see yellow snow here and there and you know how it got yellow, don't you. So the Moda person who named it must be from snow country!

Kim West

Ivory moda is just a shade off of snow... A friend and I ordered both (10 yards each , 5 eac for both of us...) yea, both are a staple in my house along ith bleached white. I love moda Bella solids

Kim West

Oh, and fat quarter shop has a moda color card with fabric that I use frequently to order my Bella solids

Dianne Mitzel

I agree, why would they call that yellow tone Snow? I kept looking at it, and thought at first you were talking about the Kona Snow, which is a lovely white, with a touch of cream. Maybe the "namer" was having a bad day??


I too use and buy yardage of isn't so stark.


glad you found what you needed! :)


Perfect solid for those fabrics - so pretty! Isn't it funny how different versions of white fabric can be! When you mentioned yellow snow, I had to chuckle! Nice of Cheryl to help you out.


Kona snow is a wonderful warm white for all projects, not yellow at all.


Yes I made the mistake of buying a bolt of Moda Snow for just white and a bolt of Moda Fig Tree for cream and they are both more or less the same colour! I then bought some Moda white and it is REALLY white. Such are the perils of online shopping. At least I won't be struggling for background neutrals for a while!

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