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May 09, 2012


Barbara Anne

I can be on no help with your creamy fabric conundrum but I am sure someone will know the answer and can help. If I were you, knowing how you love Fig Tree fabrics, I'd order their fabric and, if it's not a perfect match, use it for some of your blocks anyway. It is bound to look good.

Love the beautiful Dresden Plate blades and center!



I just finished a dresden plate baby quilt that had the background pieced. The blocks were just in quarters done with two different fabrics. One a tone on tone and the other a light color. It looks perfect. Just an idea if you have anything else that would coordinate with the blades and centers. You could use more than two backgrounds if they are light enough and play well together.


No help from me on the fabric, but your plate is beautiful.


I think the bella that is the fig tree solid is actually a bit peachier than the cream that you have there. Are you using the one that has the color on the front, but not on the back? If so, I definitely find that one is a bit lighter than the Fig Tree bella solid...which I believe is the same front and back... I'll double check when I get home and I can email you back...


I Think the Bella solid is a shade or 2 darker. I have yardage of the Fig Tree cream if you have the color and number off of the selvege I will see if it's the same and send it to you.


I've just cut out a kit using FigTree Buttercup and one of the background fabrics is called Lily SKU 20158-13. It is a beautiful Moda fabric but I can't read the info on the selvedge as it's too pale. Much nicer fanric than Bella Solid (which I use a lot). I found the numbers on the back of the quilt pattern. I hope you find something you like to go with your beautiful Patisserie plates.


Hi Nicole ....Moda Bella Snow is what we use in the Fig Tree Studio (I'm an employee of Fig Tree Quilts) when we run out of a cream from the current line, each cream tends to be a little different so matching can be a difficult, but the Moda Bella Snow can be used as a substitute and will have the same look as Fig Tree Creams. Hope this is of some help, I'm a devoted fan of your blog, your such an inspiration.


Beautiful block and colors. Good luck finding a substitute.


Ah. I'm another one that has no help to offer. I think the creams tend to be very similar but might be off a bit. You could pick up some and then interchange the backgrounds so it looks as if you purposely incorporated another fabric. Or you could just pick a different fabric altogether.
See, I told you I was no help! LOL!
Your blocks are looking great! Dresden's all over blogland today! Great minds think alike!


You have some great advice so far... But a quilting friend and I, have an internet site we go to for just such "emergencies". Just type in what you want in the search bar and you'll be searching about 200 quilt shops on-line! There, my secret is out! :)
p.s. I also am on a Fig tree kick right now!


Looks like you've gotten some great help, Nicole! Quilter's are the best! I love your dresden - so soft and calming!

Judy BL

Hi Nicole - I just ran into the same problem looking for a little bit more Fig Tree cream. I did call Fig Tree and talked with Cheryl yesterday (see her post above). I had ordered the Bella Solid Fig Tree Cream from an online shop and it definitely is not the same as the cream on cream tone that comes with the fabric collections. I haven't tried the Moda Bella Snow as Cheryl suggested so you might try that.


Hi Nicole ... the Fig Tree Cream bella solid is darker than the creams they have in their lines. You should try the ivory bella solid as it is much closer. I'm not sure it will match exactly what you have, but you could use it in place of. If you want more yellow, there's a nice Sandy's Solids that you can use. I have a bolt of both and they work nicely with the Fig Tree fabric. Hope this helps!


I agree that the printed creams vary slightly in each Fig Tree collection. You might be able to use the printed cream in Fig Tree's current California Girl collection- there should be lots of that in the stores.

Bari Jo

I wish I had the fabric - I'd just send it to you! You've blessed me so much with all your tutorials and inspiration! I liked reading the answers so I will know which one to buy!!! Dresden plate looks great!

Bari Jo

ps - how in the world did you get that center circle so PERFECT? Do you use the Perfect Circles and spray starch? :O) (or do you have a post on circles archived you could send me to?)


The Fig Tree website sells their Cream Tone on Tone by the yard, if you wanted to give that a try, perhaps calling them first to see if it is the same as the cream you collected from your stash. Wish I could help more!


Yes, the Bella Solid called Fig Tree Cream is the one. It is a darker cream and goes very well with the warmer color Fig Tree collections, which it appears that you are using. I have some of it in my stash.

Susan vicary

You can get all u want at 2 different web shops...wish upon a quilt or web yr choices, always!
Hugs from faithful fa,
Susan Vicary

Deb S

Just wanted to jump in to say that mentioned above is a wonderful store. They carry practically all of Moda's lines and they're very helpful. I shop at their brick and mortar store since they're near me.


A shop near my mom's house has the fig tree cream on the website... Let me know if you still need it and I'll forward you the info.


I was going to let you know about Moda Bella Snow...but just saw that Cheryl had already answered you...this just happened yesterday on a market quilt for Joanna...I ran out of background but amazingly I had some from a kit from FatQuarterShop that matched the fabric Joanna had sent. So glad it worked out because the quilt had to be overnighted today!

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