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May 01, 2012



The old adage, "Better safe than sorry" still rings true. I will continue your blog none the less. Love your little zippy bags!


I am so sorry you feel you need to withdraw a bit. I have totally enjoyed all you have shared. I love to see all the creative things you do. And of course I have wondered how Grandpa is. But, I will be thankful for whatever beautiful things you do choose to blog about. Be safe.

Barbara Anne

Love the jazzy zippy bags! You're certainly on a happy creative roll and that's a delight for you and for us.

We'll be content to hear stories of your family but as has been said, I'll miss seeing the happy faces. Still, you cannot be too careful, as sad as that is.

How is Grandpa? I've wondered the same thing.



I agree with Wendy - Better safe than sorry! But I will enjoy your projects and quilty news. Do what makes you feel comfortable!


Wow I love your zippy bags!! I've yet to try a zippered bag, but I think I am going to give it a try. I made my own eyeglass case a couple of years ago, but how cool to have a matching set.
Great insights concerning your blog. I think most of us started our blogs with the same intentions. It's been lovely to get to know so many people from all over the world through blogging.


Nicole, this is a link we received on how photos can be tracked but most importantly how to disable the tracking on smart phones. Watch to the end for this.

Hope this helps. Love reading your blog, DGD is growing beautifully and yes, how is Grandpa going these days?


I found your blog a few years back and love reading it, you have inspired me to do more quilting and I seem to enjoy it more. The information you have shared has been invaluable to me. I have purchased tools because you recommend them, made zippy bags for everyone for Christmas last year, when my son got married I made zippy bags for the wedding party, etc. I missed reading your stories when you took your leave of absence. You seemed to have a way with words and I have really enjoyed you sharing your stories. I thought the pictures of your grandbaby were so adorable, and loved how you shared the story of your son falling in love with his irish gal. I never really thought too much about the dangers that you being so kind in sharing with us might bring to your family. Yesterday because of your post, I questioned my daughter and will no longer be posting pics of my grandchild on my facebook page (I don't have a blog). So once again, sharing your stories have benefited me as well as many I am sure. Thanks for sharing and I will look foward to continuing reading your blog and understand your wishes to protect your family.


The coordinating sets are such a fun idea! Love the buttons, yo yo's and rick rack! Guess I know what I'll be doing in my sewing room next!! Thanks for the inspiration!


Zippy bags are awesome. I don't know how to sew anything like this and gosh I'd love to know. You're right - what great gifts. As to the other topic, I really don't have much to share that hasn't already been said so I'll just acknowledge your words of wisdom and say have a good day. *karendianne.

Patt Anderson

Love your little bags...and now you have a gift ready if you need one quickly. Love the color combination of that line of fabric. I am making some little wool roses that also would be cute on the bags. I will take a picture and send it to you tomorrow. I am glad you decided to keep your blog but maybe with a different format, better safe than sorry. Keep up the informative posting about sewing and fabric and fun times.

Go Cats!

I love the bags! I actually pulled out those patterns last night to get my supply list together!

Kathy R

I love the bags and want to try my hand at them.
I really makes me sad to read about all the dangers in posting anything about your family. Kind of disheartening that this is what our world has come to. I like to think that things aren't that bad, but I guess that isn't realistic. I will always read your blog as you inspire me to create, and for that I thank you.


Wow - you've really made that fabric line shine, Nicole! And thank you for your most thoughtful and well-written posts over the years! You've sparked a lot of good conversation and I'm happy to say I love visiting here every day!

Karen L.

Scary times, indeed. We just lost our computer AGAIN to cyber attacks. My anxiety about the world wide web increases daily. It's probably just my age, but our dependence on computers is concerning, not to mention all the wireless energy waves floating in the air and into our brains. Yikes - I need a chill pill or some new quilt photos!
Karen L.

A Moon

I have never commented on your blog before but I am an avid follower. Over here in the UK quilting is very rare, im a relatively young quilter at 29, but i love it! Your blog is very inspiring and motivating!

Deb A

It's so sad that you have to pull back on the info/pictures, but I understand why - love your blog. Please tell me the pattern for your bags, would love to make some!

Bari Jo

You did such a great job on the bags! I found my pattern! And you inspired me to get going! Thanks for the zipper tutorial on your blog, too! I totally understand why you made the decision to not post about your family. Thank you for sharing with us. You are a wise grandma and I will definitely tuck this advice of yours away for future for myself. I have been praying and hoping Grandpa is feeling better each day and can come home soon. Bless you, Nicole - I enjoy reading your blog!

Elaine S.

I have enjoyed your blog so much and hate that you have to curtail info about your family, but that is the way of the world now. Thanks for taking the time of posting so regularly on your blog. I do enjoy "visiting" with you.

And I love the Zippy Bags!

Margaret Mary Staunton

I am with Wendy, I will miss snippets about your family. How else would we know that Grandpa Larry needed to be sent cards? Yours is one of my favorite blogs to read, thank you.

Sandie @ crazy'boutquilts

Love your zippy bags! I have to agree with the others about safety first~ I had no idea cameras had GPS! :-o


I will certainly miss photos of that cute bébé... But it is your blog and your life. As long as you keep posting your sewing projects! With my own wee one, I am seeing vicariously through you.


I have been reading your blog for a long time and have enjoyed getting acquainted with your family. However, your decision seems a wise one to me, and especially if your family prefer it that way. I will continue to read. I enjoy your projects and your comments.

Paula Zumaris

So sorry you must be so careful what you can write about. These things make us feel closer. Another price we must all pay today! I will miss the pictures and friendly info.

Mary W

I love, love all your zippy bags!! I keep making them as well. Great colors you are using.


You sure have been busy making all of those bags...I love your blog...always so inspirational...good points you brought up today, though.

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