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June 25, 2012



Hope a walker will be the answer for your Grandpa. My hummingbirds don't share very well, one in particular. They are so fun to watch. I love your Schnibble quilt. Have a great week!

Barbara Anne

I agree that a walker may be the perfect answer for Grandpa's falls. I love the Rollator walker with the seat and basket for holding things you need - plus bicycle-like had brakes for when you park. However, I've recently learned that these walkers are "too freewheeling" for some folks to keep up with (this, from a physical therapist) and the old aluminum ones with tennis ball feet are better suited to some folks. Live and learn. Cheers for the Good Cop!

Love the Schnibble quilt!



My uncle had a mobile home up in Sonora and had hummingbird feeders. He would have 20 - 30 at a time outside his window. Sweet. I hope Gramps listens to you. A regular walker would be great for him.


Good luck with sorting out Grandpa's mobility! I take my parents into the doctor for a check up today. It's always an adventure


It sounds like 'the talk' with Grandpa went fairly well. I'm sure he's upset with himself and frustrated about his physical limitations. Aging isn't for cowards, that's for sure!!
Your Doc is very pretty! I'm looking forward to seeing everyones' in the Schnibbles parade later this week!

Paula Zumaris

Your Grandpa tales are truly scary. I am hoping he will be able to enjoy his cottage for quite awhile. The cover on your machine was a very sorry site! I too am anxoius to see Doc finished.


Grandpa hopefully will respond better to your sobering conversation. I'm sure he does NOT want to break a hip and end up in the hospital. It's a worry we have for my husband's mom too, since she is 93 and lives in a senior home in her own apartment. Shudder to think!

Love your patriotic quilt and hope it finds some time under your sewing machine soon.


Glad that Grandpa agreed with you and promised not to try to stand up anymore until he gets the green light.

The porch decor is so nice and peaceful, perfect for counteracting the hummingbird wars!


Such a pretty Doc quilt. I hope Grandpa heeds your advice and stays safe.


That could be a blog title from me-a lot of nothing going on. Or should I say, a lot of no sewing. We have been enjoying our lake cottage though. My grandsons adore the water and all day is spent swimming with them. I am too exhausted in the evening to pull out my featherweight that I have there.

Susan Ramey Cleveland

Love your Card Trick quilt. I'm glad you get to be good cop. Can't even imagine you as bad cop.


Can't be easy dealing with Grandpa, but it's so nice that you make life very comfortable for him, Nicole! I can just imagine him on his cozy little porch watching the hummingbirds!

Bari Jo

The quilt looks great! Can't wait to see how you quilt it! Loved how Grandpa's porch looks! You are so sweet to care so lovingly for him!!! I love hearing how things are going. So glad all is well!

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