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June 04, 2012



Great advise Nicole. And I love your sewing retreat. What a beautiful spot to wile away an hour or two into sewing oblivion :-)

Barbara Anne

Love the new and final block! How large will this Designer Mystery quilt be - or don't you know yet?

What bliss to have such a perfectly sized, perfectly furnished, and generally perfect place to retreat to for quiet reflection, exercising your imagination, playing with fabric, happy dancing, and hugging yourself! You know they say there are two important things: 1) work for what you want and 2) enjoy it!



I remember that post and I hope you get your sewing time each day. It helps me to have a little less ugh in my day when all the other stuff surfaces to the top of the list...xo


I can't think of a better to way to start your day! I think this is a great plan, and just like last time, I think you'll be amazed how much you can accomplish in an hour! Good Luck! Congratulations on finishing your 12th block!


I remember that post and often think I need to 'give' myself that daily hour to sew! Your finished block is so on to the lattice! Sure hope you get to spend quality time in your 'quilt house' in the coming days!

Mary Kastner

I have a "twenty minutes" rule and usually manage to stretch it out a bit longer in the morning. It definitely works. I totally believe it makes the rest of my day much better knowing that I got my quilting time in. Your studio is so dang cute - even the outside!
Best Wishes,


I know you can do it because that space is so cute you'll want to be there! I'm envious for sure.


that really is great advise, and something I need to hold myself to more often. I used to think I needed larger blocks of time to sew, and that just meant I never found the time. Once I started grabbing little bits of sewing time more often, I realized that in the long run those shorter sessions added up to more sewing time.


I just love your sewing studio! What a nice place to leave the house and go to! Congratulations on getting to your last block and finishing it! You rock!


What a wonderful place to spend time sewing. So happy to hear that you completed your last block. I have been motivated by BOM Rehab but have not participated these past couple of weeks. I will read your post about taking time to sew each day.


Haha, I think we are psychically linked or something. I was wishing I had some of mom's iced tea all day. We had a nice sunny day (OMG, the sun comes out in Ireland!) and we walked all over town this afternoon. Iced tea sure would have been nice.

Laura @ May Your Bobbin Always Be Full

Love this! I took a good hard look at my schedule last weekend and found that I was never able to sew because I wasn't making it a priority. Working on changing that this week!

Debbie R.

Your sewing space looks great. So inviting. And thanks for that reminder about setting aside (stealing) some time to sew each day. I find it so difficult to find any time at all for that all-important "me" activity. When I get it, I'm so much happier. I will make more of an effort. After all, I'm worth it!

Bari Jo

That's such a good idea! And - I L*O*V*E your space!!!!


Virginia Wolf was right...we need "A Room of One's Own" to get away from all the conflicting pressures of wearing so many hats as a woman......oh, and I just love where you have placed that "Sisters Choice" medallion over the windows; very chic!

Kay Mc

Your sewing room is so lovely. I would never want to leave it. I feel that way about my sewing room. I just love to go in there & just putter around even though it is just my husband & me at home now. There's just something about having your own space.

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