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June 01, 2012



LOVE myself some Ridiculous Cute Baskets quilt!!!! LOVE!!!

Dresden Quilter

I love this quilt and I always enjoy seeing your decorating.


It's a great summer color scheme! I love your version of the basket quilt. I have the pattern around here somewhere--Carrie's, right?

Christine Thomas

I was actually just thinking about your RCB quilt the other day. Nice to see it again.

Becky in KCMO

Hi, I just wanted you to know what a nice lift your colorful (and color coordinated) postings give me. I hope things are going well with your FIL as well.


Yes, this is a great quilt to work in with your June decor. I love the baskets!


Wow, that's great. Those are kind of fall colors aren't they? I think they are lovely. We sleep under one of your quilts every night. :)


That is one of my most favorite quilts of all the quilts you've made. I've never seen Simple Abundance look better in any other pattern. YES, you must get this top to the quilter!!!


Oh, I remember that quilt, and the baskets are indeed ridiculously cute. Happy June!

Susan Bailey

I always loved that line of fabric and have a bunch of it ready to make something when I get around to it. I had even asked you when you first posted the quilt picture which pattern it was and I ordered the pattern on the spot. I just love those baskets.


I remember these baskets, it really is a good summer quilt.


Your neck of the woods sounds like ours, Nicole! By 11am I'm ready for the A/C! Love the basket quilt - it can even transition into fall!


lol, I know where you're coming from. I have TWO quilts that I spent ENORMOUS amounts of time to make and PAID to have them beautifully quilted but is the binding done? Nope.

Worst part about it? I have one of them hanging in my family room with the binding 90% done! It's hanging from a drapery rod via clothes pins because the binding isn't done ;p


Haha I remember making that birdhouse. We can't use Irish license plates for that kind of thing. They are twice as long and half as high; it wouldn't work. And they're plastic. Yuck. Give me a good old American license plate any day. :)

Barbara Anne

Love the shelf decor and really love the quilt!

I do seasonal changes with pillows, art, and wall hangings. Methinks my pastel log cabin wall hanging called Cabin in the Cotton needs to retire for something more summery. We're due to have a welcome cooler week but the spring flowers are finished and the summer ones are up. It's time!

Happy June to you, too!


Bari Jo

Love the quilt!!! And the Shelf!

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