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June 08, 2012



You know, what I am finding is that I get more useful information by reading through my blogs than I do by looking at the magazines. I think we have so much information (free) at our fingertips in blogs and YouTube tutortials, that the magazines simply need to find a new niche that is not being met by the internet.

Sheryl W

I think it is us , the consumers. Before, to see new ideas ,I waited each month for my mags to arrive, now I can see new ideas and techniques each day on the thousands of blogs. I actually think there is so much out there that I have a bit of creativity burnout...


Sometimes I feel like information overload. Sometimes I need to step away from it all and just create.
I do think it is partially the change in what we as consumers expect and now that we can get so much information and inspiration daily on the computers reading magazines somehow pales in comparison.
I also wonder if the newer quilters still get that excited feeling when a new magazine comes out?


I totally agree with the previous two comments. I truly believe that the magazines are going the way of newsprint. There is just so much info available for free on the internet that finding inspiration is not a problem. I actually dropped all of my subscriptions and only occasionally buy the "specialty" issues if I see something on the cover that intrigues me.


I think a lot has to do with how much access we have to blogs and designers online. We see so many wonderful quilts online, that when we get the magazine, we think....ugh.....I've seen this a million times....or hmmm....this is okay. I do think that they need to have more quilts made from mixed collections. A lot of people have an over abundant stash...they need inspiration to use it. With the unstable economy we need to shop our stash more. Let them show us scrappy quilt patterns.


You have put my thoughts into words! Well written! I have bought every single issue of Quilt Sampler except for the last one. I flipped thru it in the store and nothing caught my eye. I used to study it with a magnifying glass! I too find inspiration on the blogs and have let all of my subscriptions go. I will go over to Humble Quilts and see what others have said.

pamela kieffer

I myself have been quilting for over 25 years and have done it all. I don't even find quilting classes of any interest now. I am sure magazines still have a lot to offer new quilters.

Helen in Switzerland

I agree - but I think it's a bit of both - magazines not that exciting and we get to see such a lot on the internet. I'm at same stage as Pamela where I'm unlikely to learn anything new in a class because after 30 years I have pretty much seen it all. Sad, but true, and I think a lot of the quilting blogs that are around are more exciting and more in touch with modern life than the magazines are.


I'll have to go over and read the original post. But I have two thoughts. 1. I find all magazines less inspiring than they used to be just a few years ago, not just quilting mags. I think it is becuase they have cut back on editorial staff as their budgets have shrunk with fewer pages of advertising supporting the costs. And 2. I have more sources of inspiration now. The internet is serving a purpose previously filled only by quilting magazines, so the magazines have to work much harder to bring me something other than what I can get free on websites, blogs, and Pinterest.


I have to jump in. The issue you spoke of, I actually liked better then the very latest. I do think a lot of readers have hit it on the head that it is about selling lines of fabric, kits and products.
The Australians continue to be innovative, stretching the quilting boundaries. I am not seeing that with American designers or magazines.


Nicole, I have a question for you or any of your followers who subscribe to AP&Q...Do any of you find that the issue you receive in the mail, is sometimes different than the ones that go on the shelf in your LQS or grocery store? And I'm not talking about the special issues they insist on temping us with and won't include in our the "Shop Hop" issues. I don't have the $$ to buy both and if I did, I'd rather use it for fabric or quilting notions. Hugs...


After reading the posts/comments on both Lori's and your blog I'm wondering if this is one more example of how it is generally becoming in modern life? Society seems to be moving toward instant gratification and magazines can no longer compete. When internet 'shops' and blogs offer immediate access to new ideas, patterns, designers, fabric lines and more how can periodicals compete? Thanks for letting your readers know about this thoughtful discussion!


I was a subscriber to AP&Q for years, probably since the beginning of this publication. Can't say that I have every issue, but pretty close. I do agree that the older issues have more patterns and articles that I enjoy, and I am so glad I saved them. It's like going through them again for the first time. Another bummer is back in April I did not receive my magazine. So I emailed the company. I was informed that my subscription had run out. WHAATTT????? How come nobody told me????? I have not received anything in the mail concerning my subscription except back at the holidays when they wanted me to extend my sub and the gift sub I had given my friend a couple of years ago. I did not resubscribe, for the very reason that everyone has mentioned. Magazines are becoming too costly with too many ads and not enough content. So I am letting most of my subscriptions go.

Denise in PA

Nicole, I have just been thinking this same thing for the past few months. I thought it was just me! I was wondering if it was because I have been reading the quilting mags for almost 20 years now, and the "thrill is gone"???


I, too, am underwhelmed by the magazines of late. I think there is less content and more ads, but I just find the patterns are boring. Maybe I'm not ready to go back to the 80's yet. I also agree it is hard for them to compete with the internet. I disagree about it being an instant gratification thing and more about why would I spend precious hobby dollars on a magazine that does not appeal. I look at blogs and patterns online all the time and end up bookmarking - almost never do I rush off an make it right then and there. I think the magazines are missing the boat and not appealing to the up and coming quilters. Such a shame because without those new quilters, there won't be a reason to keep quilt shops open - or print any sort of magazines.

Mary M

I let my subscriptions expire also. I have so many older magazines with projects that I want to do. If I see a magazine at the store i will browse through it. If I like it I will buy it, but most of the time I just put it back. This stinky economy has made me very careful about what I purchase these days. I am trying to use my stash, which is huge lol! So, a magazine or book has to really good for me to buy it.


I agree with the other comments, I'm more inspired by blogs. I gave up my subscription to AP&Q a few years ago. I hadn't made anything from the magazine in a long time and wasn't inspired to make any their projects. I love modern quilts, more specifically traditional quilts made with modern, bright fabrics. Very few magazines have projects that fit into this category. So I've become very selective when it comes to buying magazines, especially since I keep them.


I am one of those who dropped their magazine subscriptions a couple years ago. The quilts all seemed repetitive and safe. The patterns seemed like things you could find a million other places. None of them spark my imagination. I do agree with Lori D. The Australian magazines are innovative and have creative ideas. I also like the Japanese magazines for inspiration.

Susan Ramey Cleveland

I have noticed in the last year or so that not many of the quilts in the magazines interest me. But I thought I just had overload. Years ago, I wanted to make every pattern I saw. But as I get older, a pattern has to really grab me to make me want to make it.


I too have been feeling a bit blah in the magazine inspiration department. Like you, I can't quite put my finger on it.. I really think you hit the nail on the head by saying that we are like the video game addict... and my opinion is that the market is "flooded" with so much inspiration. We don't get excited about beautiful quilts anymore, because we know the next one around the corner will wow us soon. Just my two cents.

Patty F.

I have had the August issue of AP&Q sitting in my sewing room for almost a week. I paged through it when it first came and I have yet to look at it again. The cover isn't even very inviting. I guess I had not really thought about this issue until I read your blog but I have found totally uninspired by what is in print!


I'm a devoted subscriber to AP&Q and have made many quilts from their magazine. But I agree that there are sooo many more places in modern times to get inspiration and patterns for "free" on the internet that it is taking away from the magazine's worth. Me, I still prefer paper over a computer screen and appreciate all the tips and tricks that are shared in the magazine. Also, I like to see my favorite shops featured. The Quilt Sampler this spring has a local shop's quilt on it's cover, which is very exciting! So I will resubscribe.

Lisa D.

I stopped subscribing years ago. So many of the magazines had things I would never make. So I buy my magazines only if I can look at them first and if they have a pattern that is worthy of me spending my $$$.


I heard somewhere that magazines repeat their content every few years. I have a tough time getting rid of magazines so I have many boxes full going back 30+ years. Little new inspiring is found anymore. I still get AP&Q. That surprise in the mailbox often inspires me to get in to the sewing room. I think folks that have been quilting for more than a few years will tire of the repetition though. I enjoy the ads for machines and products. Seeing what is new is fun! Problem is there isn't a lot of 'new' anymore. Interesting topic, thanks!

Robin Chapa

I'll tell you what I think the issue is..... it's blogs! Browsing quilting blogs is an everyday magazine that we get to peruse at our leisure, written by wonderful, regular people (like yourself) and fabulous designers alike. Also, we can talk to this style of magazine and this magazine talks back!!!! (all the good, chatty, friend making that happens in the comment section-- you know how it is!) It's totally interactive.... The only thing that magazines have over blogs are the project details, which, yes, are *kind of* important (lol) but I always looked to magazines for inspiration and the very occasional pattern I would actually make.... now I get that online. I quit buying quilt magazines AGES ago, opting instead for blogs like yours and those of my favorite designers-- with one exception- I LOVE the shop-hop issue that profiles quilt shops throughout the nation. LOVE that one..... but that's it for me.

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