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June 18, 2012


Barbara Anne

Welcome home!!

What a lovely setting for fishing and sitting serenely on the shore appreciating the beauty all around you. I must ask, could you have found a lake without the name "Mosquito Lake"? Are you eaten up with mosquito bites or was the person who named it trying to deter others from coming by mis-naming the lake (like Iceland)?


Helen in Switzerland

Just beautiful Nicole! I think I could have happily sat their all day too!!


Wow, he is literally fishing "by the side of the road" !! Hopefully it was a nice quiet road that didn't scare all the fish away with all the noise and vibrations of traffic.


Perfect day it seems. You are a wonderful MIL as well! I guess you two can trade off favors between fishing and quilt shop hopping. Glad you made it back safely! Now let's get back to those quilts!! ;)


That is exactly why I like to carry hand stitching with me....I can relax while others are doing their thing. I need shade...but that's it. ;p

welcome missed the heat wave, ugh!


How nice he got a little more 'vacation' time in fishing! It looks wonderful!


Sounds like such a wonderful trip! My husband is the same way with fishing, his latest is bass fishing. Does your SIL know of any good bass spots around here? I'm in the East Bay, but looking to do a few "outings" this summer. Thanks for sharing :)

Lizz Kerr

Hi! Please email me when you get a chance, I want to talk to you about an idea and my yahoo email is locked out =) Love you and welcome home!!

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