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June 06, 2012



Oh how pretty!! I am in love with your dresdens, AND your Kiss Me blocks! WHen you first posted the picture of the pattern and fabrics I thought it was going to be pretty, it makes me want to order some California Girl and the pattern!!! :) I agree with you that Fig Tree fabrics just blend so nicely and I think they ALWAYS give such a beautiful finished quilt. I can relate to the quickie trips to your sewing studio when you have your grandaughter. I keep one of our little grandbaies on Fridays(She is 13 months) and usually don't get much done in the sewing department when she is here. But she makes me smile and laugh and gives the best hugs ever!! :) Have a good time away!

Barbara Anne

Wonderful fabrics, wonderful blocks, and wonderful progress! Applause, applause! You are so right, these two quilts will look stellar in the same room at the same time. Will one be small enough to hang on the wall?

Your plan for an hour a day is working out well, to say the least!

Oh! What a delight to anticipate a visit to such a beautiful location as Lake Tahoe, and in such good company, too! Yes, handwork for the journey will be just the ticket.

Happy Wednesday!


Robin Booth

Your blocks look great! I try to slip in an hour a day of sewing too. Many times it stretches into more but some days an hour is all I have to spare. You can get a lot done in an hour. . .

Christine Thomas

I'm continuing to be inspired when I see beautiful Dresden Plates. They're gorgeous.


I love all of your blocks...I think I am going to have to make that "kiss me" quilt's been on my list for awhile...and seeing your blocks makes me want to make it!


Your hour a day seems to be working great, Nicole! You're so right about that total look - this is going to be a gorgeous quilt!


Love the Fig Tree fabrics. My grandsons, now 5 and almost 3, do not take naps at all so it's full on boy play when I look after them. I'm awfully tired when they leave. My Birdie Stitches are at our lake camp so I work on them when I am there but they are going slowly.


Where is my Kiss Me kit? Oh where, oh where? I too am planning to start on Birdie Stitches - everything printed off and waiting on my background fabric to arrive today from FQS! Using a combo of Ruby and Vintage Modern and doing all redwork for the embroidery. I hope it turns out as well as I imagine. My first embroidery project! I love Lake Tahoe, many fond memories of skiing vacations and my first 'adult' trip with boyfriend back in the 90s... good times. Take care and have a safe trip...


Nicole, if you are enjoying the Bloody Jack series, do yourself a favour and put down the book. Find yourself an audio version narrated by Katherine Kellgren instead. The stories just come alive under her magnificent interpretation of the voices and characters and accents - you won't want to stop listening. Little Jacky Faber can keep you company for your hour a day in your lovely little studio. I got mine at, and also through the ebook lending service at my local library. I promise you won't be disappointed!

Karen E

That hour a day is really paying off. The blocks look great. Just think, that's 30 hours a month or at least 30 blocks a month!!.

Karen E

ALSO, I agree with Nicole above. You can listen to the books on CD AND sew at the same time!!


Your blocks are wonderful!

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