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June 29, 2012


Barbara Anne

Looks like great progress to me! Who cares if it's something new when you planned to work on the Schnibbles quilt top?? Sewing is a sanity saver and with your schedule so full, just go with your creative flow and enjoy yourself.

Love the photo of the moon.

Yesterday we took AMIL to the rehab so she's now next door to FIL. Glub, glub!



You are brraavveeeee!!!! ;-)

Lisa D.

Who need sleep, anyway? I can see why you were so tempted to make this - I love the Farmer's Market fabrics and it will look great in Leap Year!


My dog woke me up at 6:20 a.m. today so I headed down to my sewing room......we are a crazy lot!


Ha ha... too funny.
I recently took my Mother to a quilt store, and when we left she asked " Do you just feel like going home and cutting up this fabric to get the quilt started or do you stick to your chores and get the dishes done"? :)

Helen in Switzerland

Oh Nicole, I so get it...from one weak woman to another!!

Mary Jo

I resolved to stick to just UFOs until I get some of them finished! That was a few weeks ago and since then I got a queen size UFO finished to the point of needing borders. Yesterday I told a friend I was going to be strong and choose another one for my next project. Then last night I got the urge to start a kit I had on hand and just couldn't resist so now I have another UFO. I don't feel too bad since quilting is my hobby and I do it for fun. There's nothing more fun than starting something new.
I love the Farmer's Market line but haven't bought it yet. After seeing your Leap Year I think I'll be sorry if I miss out on it. What are you going to use for the sashing fabric? Even if you don't finish it this month you'll be glad you started.


LOL-- you made my day! I too have resolved to work on those UFOs, but that didn't stop me from making a new quilt top last week (a fast one) or buying a luscious new piece of fabric yesterday. My goal for today is to get some binding sewn on to a quilt that has been waiting patiently for it for several months now . . .

Paulette Doyle

A quilters got to do, what a quilters got to do!! Enough said! I LOVE this fabric...and I don't blame you one's going to be stunning!! Howwwwwwwwwww..(to the moon) could you not!!


Wow, those are pretty! You're doing them a little differently, I see.....more scrappy instead of just 2 fabrics per block. I like !! :) are burning the midnight oil and then some, huh?

Paula Zumaris

You make me smile dear friend. Thanks!!


Hahahaha... you ARE amazing!


HaHaHa, very pretty fabrics.

Deb A

You are too funny - is this may hay while the MOON shines? :)


LOL!!! Love the picture of the moon...too funny!


Nicole, as the saying goes "where there's a will there's a way". I think that most of us quilters suffer from some form of ADD - we just love to sprint from one project to the other. When I started quilting I said to myself (and anyone else who would listen) I am only going to work on one project at a time - I quickly learned otherwise.


lol, that's the Star of Quilters guiding you to the promise land(finished quilts).

Oh, just go with it! You could be doing much worse things: 1)you could be out gambling 2) you could be in a bar trying to pick up men half your age 3) you could be watching something lousy on t.v.

You see? It's not so bad! Have fun and's good for the soul. ;p xoxo

Elaine S.

You go, girl!

Jan S.

Pretty blocks. I think I'm just going to stop saying that I won't start anything new. It's maybe the most fun part - beginning!

Nancy Watkins

Well, now you just made me weak too! I have been drooling over those cherries at the quilt shop and now I REALLY NEED them!


Well I bet it's really quiet that time of night, and cool, Nicole! More power to you!

Karen Shackleford

Those are gorgeous, Nicole. Happy sewing!


Moonlighting, are you? Whatever you call it those Leap Year squares are mighty cute!


Love the fabric you picked out for your Leap Year and the layout you picked. :)


Hi Nicole. You are not alone! I've been so busy organizing my stash for the last several weeks, I haven't had much sewing or quilting time. This post makes me want to cut into my Farmers Market jelly roll. This quilt will be so pretty!

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