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June 13, 2012


Sherry V.

Cabela's is wonderful!! DH took me to the one in Pennsylvania and I wandered through the taxidermy displays while he shopped. After that we ate upstairs --- some of the best beef bar-b-que I've had in a while.


Nicole, I'm so happy you're enjoying your vacation! I love reading about your days. Enjoy every minute of your massage, that's always the fastest 60 minutes of the day. I hope you're eating at some fine restaurants and enjoying some fine wine.

Barbara Anne

Oh, I wish I was there, too! Everything looks absolutely divine from pool, to quilt shop, to that massage....

Methinks I'd have stayed at the quilt shop or some delicious thrift shop while SIL was in Cabela's. We get their catalogs and that is enough for me. :)

The saga with FIL continues and today will be his first full day at rehab.



What a lovely day! Glad you got to the quilt shop so many of your readers suggested! Cabela's is fun to visit, too! It looks like your vacation is truly relaxing! Enjoy that massage...mmmmmmmm.


Super happy you have taken some time off to enjoy yourself! Life is just too short!
Squeezing in a bit of quilt related goodness is always good too! LOL!
And Cabela's... well, we have one next to our house and it's always interesting seeing the people that drop in there and the things they have for sale...


So glad you're having fun! Cabela's is a small price to pay for a visit to such a cute shop.


I think Cabelas is a small price to pay to visit a great quilt shop. We have a Cabelas about an hour away, and my hubby likes to check it out once in a while. It is HUGE!! Wouldn't we just LOVE a Quilt shop that size??


I'm not sure which is the better store to visit, we just got a new Cabela's 75 miles south of me, WOW! It's the best store for everything!


OMG, Baby E looks so cute!! Love how you only show the side profile :) I've never been to a Cabela's but heard it is kind of like the Bass Pro Shops which are very cool...especially the general store part that sells homemade fudge :) Enjoy the rest of your vacation!


Sounds like you had a great time. I'll have to tell you my Quilt House story one day. Hilarious!

Bari Jo

LOL - love the trade off - Cabela's for Quilting shop!!!! :O) You do have a sweet son in law to take you to the quilt shop, though!


LOL not a bad trade, I'd say! Cabela's is kind of fun, with the waterfalls and bears and stuff. My kids loved it when they were little!


lol, something for everyone while on vacation! ;p


I would spend all day in a sports store if it meant I could visit that lovely quilty shop for an hour! Hope you have a lovely vacation x

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