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June 12, 2012


Barbara Anne

Your new little travel bag is wizard on two points - 1) it holds what you choose to put inside it, and
2) there are two lovely fabrics to pet and to admire when your stash is far away!

Thanks for the tutorial, too!

What quilt shops did you visit?

Alas, FIL may soon be going to rehab and he won't like it one bit more than Grandpa did. Sigh!



I came across that tutorial a while ago and adapted the pattern to make a bag to hold my "little" camera that I take everywhere - it is just perfect.


I received one of these as a gift recently, Nicole! I love using it for a nice pair of shoes inside my suitcase!


Great idea! My sister is coming for a visit and I think I'll try to whip up a few for her return trip home.


lol, baby E is so cute! You don't have to show pictures to realize that. ;p that girl better grow up loving textiles in some form. it's in her gene pool...


Hi Nicole I was going to email you but I cant find your email addy.I hope you have A Very Happy Birthday I have A little Something For you Can you Email me your Address Please.Your little Baby E is getting Big so quick.
Hugs Mary.xx

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