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June 15, 2012


Barbara Anne

I had no idea there were small applique needles and tiny pins out there for those in the know. Thanks! How do you see the thread??

Perhaps I should prepare Birdie Stitches blocks to take when I visit FIL? It would beat the heck out of doing nothing. Wonder if I could quickly decide on border fabrics or if I'd have to try this and that fabric ad infinitum?

Today we won't visit at the rehab center as we've all but lost the strawberries to the weeds in the last 10 days.

Happy weekend to you, too, and happy trails to y'all if you're headed home!



Isn't it fun to do a variety of crafts. I am embroiderying redwork quilt blocks and hand quilting a stained glass runner - different techniques but both equally satisfying.


I love applique, and I LOVE my Roxanne thimble! I haven't run across many people who even know what it is, never mind have one in their picture!!


Oh my...can't wait to see more of your Dresden quilt top! I quilted a birdie stitches quilt earlier this year that quilt will be darling!


Both pieces are adorable!!

Denise in PA

I loved sewing my Dresden plates down - you are right, it goes so quickly and looks great! And, like you, my Birdie Stitches is s-l-o-w! o:)

Bari Jo

Beautiful hand work! :O) Thanks for the tips on the appliqué supplies! I didn't know there were teensy tiny pins for this! And the idea of silk to appliqué with - sounds great!


I have been hand appliquing my peels that I took apart and put back together. It is so fun and gives you something to do that isn't at the machine. Perfect for being social while my husband is flipping through the channels. Why. Do. They. Do. That. Urgh!!!


I love your birdie and dresden blocks! Glad the thread worked so well :)


Such cute blocks! Can't wait to get back to doing some piecing/applique/quilting after going thru this fabric stash organizing! Have a great week-end Nicole!


And a tiny thimble! You could fit two of those in mine. Your work is so pretty and the embroidery just plain fun to look at.

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