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June 21, 2012



Radically different!! Ha! Ha! I loved that. I wonder if they want you to make two blocks???


I love the block of the month. Love the colors. With a job loss this just wasn't in the cards for me. I'll look forward to seeing the finished quilt.


I've found in the last several years of BOMs...they're giving more and more each year. Drastically different from the first year (Peace on Earth) when you're right...there was barely any leftovers.


Nicole, I haven't signed up for this BOM from the FQS yet, but my experience in the past has been that I have enough fabric in every block kit to make and additional block and then some. That is one of the things I love so much about their BOMs. Hugs...


I have last year's FQSDMBOM but haven't started it yet, so I can't address the amounts of fabric in its kits, but I do know I had a lot of fabric left over from the 2009 FQSDMBOM!

Hmmm! Maybe I should change my strategy and do last year's and this year's blocks as they come in. That would be like killing 2 birds with one stone. Or in one month or something.


I've never had fabric left over with a BOM block. Sometimes it seems like there isn't quite enough, but I usually make it unless I make a mistake :-S


Can't believe that I cannot even spell my own name!!!


Good progress on the Kiss Me blocks, and REALLY nice BOM block!


Yes...not sure why I hang on (or commit to) work/volunteer things that don't make me happy...guess I like feeling a bit overcommitted (so sad!) Love the BOM fabric/block...if you don't want to stress about the leftover fabric, you could 'donate' it to me! ;-)

Nancy, Near Philadelphia

My experience with FQ Shop has always been that they are always very generous with the fabric in their BOM kits. How refreshing!


My FQS BOM should be in my mailbox - just have to get to the post office! I'm going to try to do it the month it comes to! I noticed the 2010 BOM from FQS had a lot of fabric - I appreciated that because it allowed me to fussy cut a lot of stuff. They are a great shop! I did a BOM with another shop - all solids - they barely sent enough fabric and charged twice as much! They are off my list for any shopping.


this is my first time doing her block of the month love the fabric


I did the pattern testing for this BOM, and Kimberly wanted to be sure there was at least 5" left each way after block pieces were cut out. This allows for mistakes...You could definitely make charm squares and make a Schnibbles or two from the left-overs by the end of the year.

Your left overs do look like a lot, though!


The FQS Christmas Kate Spain BOM that I finished last year had enough fabric to make two blocks, I kid you not!

That's the happiest looking Design wall, I'm guessing it matches the happy look on your face. Grandpa's practically a full time job on all his own, with no days off, I'm glad you decided to scale back on your jobs.

Kim West

I have always had more than enough fabric with their BOMs. I am definitely not complaining, because I generally save it if I make a mistake... Other places, I have had to buy "oops kits" because sometimes, I would make a intake and then I couldn't find the fabric any more...

That is why I only do BOMs (generally) from fqs!

Kim West

Intake-mistake. Darn auto correct on my iPad!


Your design wall looks so "happy" :) Love the Kiss me blocks! I too am doing the FQS Vintage Modern BOM. My first block is also on my design wall and I just love taking a peek at it while I sew. It is so pretty. This is only my second BOM and you are right I had lots of fabric left over, but for $11.00 a block I am sure glad I do, it'll make the cost a little more doable if I can make a second project out of my leftovers. :0) I like Sherri's suggestion to make a Schnibbles patern.

Deb A

I've been considering the mystery BOM from FQS, but haven't signed up yet. Looks like you get plenty of fabric, so you wouldn't have to worry about mistakes. Tell me about your design wall? I need one badly, just haven't been able to get the hubby to make one for me!

Elaine S.

Good for you doing the block the same month you received it! We do surprise ourselves sometimes, don't we?


lol, maybe they heard you quit that part-time job and figured you had more time to sew? it COULD happen... ;p


I had leftover too but not as much as you.
It's nice that they give extra just in case of an oopsie! I vowed to keep up with mine on a monthly basis too....I'll be checking back to be sure :)
Peggy in NJ


I've heard they were generous with their BOM fabric. I'm hoping that's not wrong because I have their 2009 or 2010 BOM in my sewing room - completely unstarted. If I'd known they were skimpy, I would have purchased some extra bits for those cutting errors I'm sure to make!

Love what I see on your design wall!

Barbara Anne

Good for you for giving yourself permission to leave a job that was making you miserable. Well done!

I still love your huge design board that gives you room to have these many blocks happily in view!

My thought is the extra fabric will be used in other blocks or perhaps for a scrappy border of your own design? Wishing you well on keeping up with this BOM!



I still have some of last years blocks to piece from the FQS BOM. One thing I did this time was check the previous months left overs and use those before cutting into the new pieces, I now have enough big pieces left over to make something delicious to go with the finished quilt. Which I'm still totally in love with.
Being in Canada I'm still waiting for my this years block one and finished kit, I hope it's not held up at the border for too long...


I wonder if you are going to use the leftover fabric later. I did a civil war BOM a year or two ago (No, it's not finished) and I had fabric that carried over to another block or two.

Love your vacation pictures - Baby E is adorable. Glad Grandpa is doing okay after his tumbles. Maybe having the walker will help!

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