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July 19, 2012



OHHH, I am in LOVE with this quilt!! It turned out so beautiful!!! The fabric, the pattern , the boarders...its all just perfect! The colors are so lovely (But I love anything Fig Tree.) :) So happy for you that you got another one D.O.N.E. Yah for you! :)


I think this quilt is adorable, and I like the polka dot inner border, I hope it grows on you over time!

A Spool-Along Sew-Along? Sounds like fun, count me in!


Nicole, you've done it again. It's so pretty! You are really cookin' on getting quilts completed. Good for you!

Barbara Anne

Brilliant!! What a lovely and happy quilt - and a 2nd top finished this week. Nicole the speed piecer is at it again! Applause, applause!!

I agree with Thelma that the polka-dot inner border will soon delight you and you'll be glad you used that fabric in that position.



You are on a roll!!
I find myself gravitating toward Johanna's work but I find that her patterns take a bit of deciphering. I almost need to re-write them to make sure I have the order right. But they are hard to resist, especially with her gorgeous fabric lines!!
This one is beautiful. I find that sometimes if a specific section of the quilt is nagging me, the quilting will bring it all together. I think you will be happy with the polka dots when the quilting integrates it into the quilt. It is lovely!

Denise in PA

I love this quilt! I'll have to check to see if I have the pattern - if not, I'm definitely getting it! I

Gertie Pye

I never knew that's what Besame Mucho meant! We used to sing it all the time when my dad was going through his Trini Lopez phase. Love the quilt pattern and the fabric - it is a beautiful quilt x


Your quilt turned out sweet! Strawberry Fields is one line I missed out I need anymore fabric anyway lol!

Helen in Switzerland

Love it Nicole! And isn't that Fit to be Geese ruler something! I feel like it transformed my life!!!


If I had a chance I'd kiss that quilt, too! It's beautiful. ;p


You are just too fast (or I'm Waaayyy too slow!). I finally found my Kiss Me kit a few days ago and now it is at least sitting on my sewing box, ready to be started. I decided I want to get the Fit to be Geese ruler first. Anything that takes any amount of frustration out of the process, because I really love quilting and use it as my stress relief. Thanks for the picture!


I enlarged the picture and was able to see the flying geese better - what an interesting way to make them (using different fabrics for the "wings") and I love the corners on the outer border - I am going to do my best to recreate that on the outer border of my hexagon table runner.
Congrats on another great finish.


Just love this quilt !

Congrats on another great finish !!!!!




It's a beauty!!


Your quilt has turned out beautifully. I have the pattern and a container full of Fig Tree fabrics waiting patiently.


That looks great! I love that song... when I hear Besame Mucho it makes me think of Diana Krall.


A great quilt! Love the fabrics!

I love using Monique's flying geese rulers too.

Mary on Lake Pulaski

The only thing I can say about that quilt is...just beautiful!

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