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July 18, 2012



What can I say but "perfect as always". Are you going to quilt it using your new presser foot?


Wonderful accomplishment!! I love it!


beautiful quilt!

Sherry V.

What a pretty quilt! I love how the design just moves your eye around the quilt. It also looks right at home on the bench.


Love it! Perfectly balanced. I've now got that new walking foot attachment on my purchase list for the week. Thanks for the recommendation.

Barbara Anne

"Memory" is certainly a lovely quilt and the border fabrics you chose compliment the center perfectly! Well done!

Will you please put borders on a UFO Lone Star for me? I have time today for a sewing marathon but not the energy and my sewing machine isn't playing nicely.

For some reason, the bobbin thread is just balling up under the fabric and the top thread isn't even catching it at all. The tangled wad of bobbin thread just pulls right out and the troubleshooting part of the book doesn't cover this. I've consulted the manual, changed bobbins, changed stitch settings and am bewildered. Today I change the needle and see if that's where the fault lies. Any ideas? It's a Bernina virtuosa 153, Quilter's Edition.



Great job Nicole! It is just beautiful, I LOVE R,W,B quilts!!! I remember reading about it when you helped with the book launch, so nice to see the finished product. It really is a wonderful pattern.


When I first saw your post title, I thought yep, she's lost her's too...the memory that is lol! Mine is sadly lacking this week...I love your Memory quilt and the fabric colors are perfect:)

Helen in Switzerland

It's wonderful Nicole - it really is! It looks fabulous on your bench too!


How stunning is this, Nicole! Perfect colors - you must be so thrilled!


Just love your Memory quilt ! Congrats on a great finish !

Bari Jo

This looks great! It looks intricate and complicated but I love Monique's rulers - she makes things easier! I love the antique Americana look to it! :o) And I really want a stitch in the ditch foot! That was a neat demo you did. I have an old Pfaff (26+ years old or so) and I have been saving for a new Bernina... some day! I was glad to hear you like yours and would buy again.

Deb A

It's very pretty and I like the touch of the darker blues in it...nice.


This quilt is 100% appealing to me! Lovely fabrics and a great pattern! Finishes are wonderful!


It's just beautiful! I'm off today to our local quilt store. They ordered a copy of Spools for me so I can join in. Gotta get back sewing. I thought I would sew a binding on a quilt to get my juices flowing. I already had the binding all made so it was going to be a easy project. Right? Wrong! 15 boxes later and I still can't find the binding!!! Onwards and upwards! At least it getting me to get some more unpacking done.

Karen Seemuth

So beautiful.

pam hansen

This quilt is definitely a keeper. I was browsing through Monique's book just this week at Beverly's. Like the book, but Lordy I don't need another project.
Your blue bench is perfect for displaying quilts. I noticed your hummingbird feeder too. Does their dueling remind you of light saber battles from Star Wars?


lovely quilt Nicole.....

Karen Shackleford

That came out beautifully!


It's beautiful!!! Another UFO done! Have a glass of earned it. ;p


Love your choice of fabrics. It looks great!

I have a question for you. I am going on vacation to Bear Valley leaving early Sat am. I am a beginner quilter. I think you live somewhere in the Murphy's, San Andreas area and I'm wondering if there is a fabric/quilt store anywhere in that area. I've been going to B.V./Murphy's area for years but don't recall seeing a fabric store. Do you get your fabric anywhere locally or do you get most of it through internet? Would appreciate a store name/location if there is one in that area.

Love your blog and look forward to it each day.

Thanks, Carol


Yay!! A great finish! Bet it feels good to have it done.

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