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July 06, 2012



When I was 29 I had a blood test to check for just about everything and my D was super low too! I was at about 8...and the low end of normal is 35! I've been taking D supplements for several years now and I think it definitely helps my mood. Good luck with your new plan!


I understand that since we all sunscreen so well now that we aren't getting D from that source. Good luck with the changes in diet and exercise. I had my wake up call last year. It took a year to lose 24 pounds. I walk MOST days of the week and eat healthy, it's tough especially since my husband hasn't had his wake up call yet. :( I feel better than I have in a long time and I actually enjoyed shopping for some new clothes this spring-always a good thing!
A multivitamin, Calcium, Vit D oh and throw in probiotic suppliment (best thing since sliced bread said my dr) and I'm ready for the next 30+ years, I hope.

Sandy M

I started taking vitamins recently... They are gummy vitamins. It makes taking them alot easier. I thought they would taste horrible but I was pleasantly surprised!!

Amy C

Me too on the vitamin D. It is a wake up call.


My mother gave me D when I was a kid and my dr says that's why I have such good bones. And gummy vitamins are great. Just like candy and I can remember them almost every day, unlike those horse pills that always had an aftertaste. Taking good care of yourself is hard at first but gets easier with time and practice, just like a 1/4" seam.

Nancy Watkins

I had dangerously low vitamin D levels a few years ago and had to take those green "football" pills every week for a few months and now I just take 1000 mg of D3 a day. I need to exercise too but it's so hard...need a friend next door to keep me motivated. Try can do it!

Bertha Mallard

Although my bone density test was normal, my doctor suggested I take calcium plus vitamin D. I have to admit I feel great. I've always taken a multivitamin just in case my diet was deficient. You'll soon love all those fruits and veggies. Greek yogurt is the best thing since sliced bread!!!

Barbara Anne

I'm with you! I need to get back to taking my vitamins. With all that's going on here I am definitely dragging.

These days you can get pizza in healthy versions, less cheese, fresh veggies - and mushrooms if you like those. Some places even have whole wheat crusts. Besides, IMHO, if you love some food that isn't so good for you, it's okay to have it every so often, just not every day.

I'm definitely try gummy vitamins.



I need to go from theory to actuality on the exercise too. One excuse I have: hot weather combined with wild fire smoke is not conductive to outdoor walking and with the demise of indoor malls I have no place to walk (can't afford a gym). Suggestions accepted gladly.


I'm in your boat. The exercise piece has been easier for me than the diet. I love carbs! Get a set of five and ten pound weights from Target or Walmart doe some basic toning and strenthening, and walk/bike/jog/swim for cardio.

I read the book Younger Next Year for Women. It is all about what we're talking about here and an enjoyable read. You might enjoy it. I got it from the library, then bought my own copy.


Can't do the horse pills either, found a powdered vitamin mix that I add to water which works really well from Nutrishop.

Patty F.


I, too, am not a lover/believer in vitamins (and I work in health care!). At my last physical (nearly 2 years ago), my vitamin D level was also extremely low. I found a vegetable/gel cap vitamin called "Pure Encapsulations" on the internet that sells a Vitamin D capsule (5000 i.u. per capsule). They are a lot easier to get down than the old chalky horse pills. Their calcium capsules are a bit larger, but also in this gel capsule form. And , of course, they sell a women's multivitamin. And no, I don't have any affiliation with this company... I just found them easier to swallow and thought I would then be more compliant with taking them!
Your recent post about smoothies is a good way for you to add your yogurt and more fruits and vegetables into your diet.
Take your granddaughter for a long walk in the stroller everyday that you watch her, with Ozzie on the leash!


Well Nicole, we all get that wake up call sooner or later *sigh*. We got our in 2008 when my hubby at 58 years old had a heart attack. As the doctor told me when they were rolling him into the OR for an Angiogram to see if placing a Stent would work or if he would need open heart, "He isn't just having an episode here ma'am, he is having a very serious heart attack as we speak." Words you don't expect to hear at that age. Well, he did just fine, they placed a Stent, kept him 4 days in ICU and sent him home with "Heart Healthy Diet" in hand and orders to take a brisk walk of a minimum of 1 mile per day starting 'immediately'. Okay, so the dietician told him that the diet she was sending him home with pretty much said "If it tastes good, you can't have it", LOL.
Point is, it scared us. So we started right away on a healthier life style ( sadly, it's more expensive to eat healthy) and have stayed with it, most of the time anyway. He is up to walking 4 miles 6 days a week. I do 1 mile 3 days a week and we are both feeling better. He lost 30 lbs, I lost 20, but it took almost 8 months. I won't sugar coat it for you wasn't easy, it was a hard battle for the first couple of months, but boy was it worth it!!! Good luck! Big Hugs...
**NOTE...The dietician also said, if you stick to the healthy stuff 85% of the time, you can treat yourself to most anything you want (within reason) the other 15%. Funny thing is, now we prefer the healthier meals!!!


get a few minutes of sunshine too. Look into dr. oz's real age site and there is a lot of great info. at least now you have the info to make changes. not all drs. really look after you that well. (they should, but don't)
be well!


Try sentrim silver it does not smell or taste bad.....and really works......


Best wishes as you start on this healthy adventure. I joined weight watchers a couple of weeks ago, and it kinda forces you to eat lots of fruit and veggies. There are better foods in the house now and so hubby and the kids are also forced to eat better! (Which is really why I joined in the first place!!) Any weight loss that happens will be just icing on the cake. Oops, poor choice of words LOL. :)


I am not a believer in taking vitamins either - too many sources say that your body doesn't absorb them as pills anyhow. I'm assuming you don't get much sun or eat/drink much dairy? A friend of mine is really low in D too - but she doesn't drink milk or eat cheese (and we live in WA so the sun isn't around so much! LOL)

Kathy Langford

We now mall walk each day along with diet modification. I have lost 6 pounds in the last two months and hubby has lost 12 pounds. I also was placed on Vitamin D suppliments and what an energy difference! We are each retired now and need that outside contact with the mall and really it keeps your thinking young since all fashion is directed at the young. Good luck and make it fun. Kathy in Tucson


I'm in the same boat! Carbs and I are having a war right now - the carbs seem to win most often. I'm taking megadoses of Vitamin D right now for a condition that shows weakening in my bones. One osteoporosis but could be. Walking and swallowing bunches of pills is better than the option ahead! Hope you'll share some of your 'trick's and food ideas. You're not alone in this journey, my friend.

Lori in South Dakota

Lifestyle changes---ugh! Although the gummy vitamins sound good.....


Gummy vitamins!


Yes, I have had that test for Vitamin D several years ago. Had to take the mega doses for 8 weeks several times before we were able to get it where it is supposed to be. Now take 2,000 iu per day. Probably need more Calcium as well. Good luck!


What? Was I suppose to actually look at the results of those tests??? Hmmm.
I love all the feedback you get here Nicole! Lots of support and information. Thanks for the nudge.

Deb A

Yeah been there too! I started the Vitamin D/calcium supplements a couple of years ago because mine, as the doctor said, was critically low. I don't like milk or many milk products and you can tell. Bad bones, bad teeth, bad everything...but the course was set a long time ago, as the doctor has said. I do take the supplements regularly now and it's better. I've been trying to lose weight since the first of the year and eat better - so I am down about 50 lbs. since my heaviest, but I need to lose more. It's tough...I love fruit and vegetables, but give me a good burger and fries and I'm set! You can do it, hang in there.


You seem so energetic, I wouldn't have guessed you had a deficiency in anything! You should be 'fit as a fiddle' in no time at all! Just had my semiannual checkup this morning. Numbers were not good last time. I'll know in a few days if depriving myself of ice cream and cheese has really been worth it! But I have to admit, I do feel better and my clothes fit much better also. I didn't ask them to check vitamin D, need to call and ask if they can check that too.

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