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July 25, 2012



This is why I LOVE your blog writings! You love the same lines and designers that I love! I too want a whole bundle of the French General line - I have a great bed sized quilt in mind for it. Also have to have the Cinnamon Spice - those Blackbird ladies are the best! Have a great week and enjoy all the celebrations around your baby's first birthday. Thanks for your blog!


I can't wait to see what you make from these beautiful fabrics. I know what you mean about wanting to sew and being foiled. That's my sewing life right now.


I have a few designers that are constant staples in my stash. I think I've only missed one line of both French General and 3 Sisters. These are just consistently an attraction to me. That Chateau Rouge is smacking me over the head. I soo want it.
Camille & Bonnie's lines are also favorites as is Sweetwater, Fig Tree & Co and Collection for a Cause. Lately I'm loving Cosmo Cricket and I've always been attracted to Brannock & Patek but I find that I have to draw the line someplace! LOL!
I would have many more if other distributors would make precuts. I prefer picking up the collections but it's darn difficult if the distributor doesn't offer them. <-- My daily whine.
I'm loving your new stash enhancement. That Cinnamon Spice promises a great quilt.


I know you'll make those packs sing, Nicole! I've also had a lot of luck finding scare packs on Etsy! Busy is good - have fun!


I'm glad you found something you liked on eBay. I'm ashamed at how much I have spent on that site and I haven't had one quilting/fabric vendor disappoint me yet. I've been very lucky. I did order some 'new' lace doiles I thought I might use to enhance a winter quilt (they are snowflake shaped) and they came in smelling of cigarette smoke. That was from a general store type vendor, and not one that just does the fabric and notions and such or a mom/pop site. Anyway - have you ever made a Sisters Choice quilt? I would love to see an example of one, since I have 16 blocks and no idea for a setting - made in Fig Tree fabrics... Thanks!!


Very nice fabrics. Question for you, what is the quilt that you have used for the background in the photo? I'd love to see mor of that, the quilting is gorgeous.

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