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July 11, 2012



You better cross out "Bibelot" and put "Thelma" on that pattern, didn't you get the memo! I am so excited we've picked up some folks to join in on the Spool-along. What quilter doesn't want to make that adorable pattern! It continues to be a summer of fun and the more Spool quilts the more fun!


Oh my gosh, I am so excited. This is the first time I have won anything on a blog, and the prize is so wonderful!!! Thank you so much. I am also so excited that you are allowing us to join in on the fun. This will also be my first quilt-along, so today is a great day of first. I am going to go purchase my pattern right now.
Thanks Again,


You can see my version of Spools here:

I downsized the blocks to use charm packs instead of a jelly roll and make the wall hanging a little smaller.

Spools is a fun design for a sew along!

Sheryl W

Hey, I guessed your friends were called Thelma and Louise and they are actually called Thelma and Lisa! How close was that?
Look forward to watching your sew-a-long....

Barbara Anne

Cute spool pattern and congrats to Marcy for winning!!

I have zero wall space in my little sewing room so may have to pass on this quilt-a-long. Besides, life is rather busy now with both in-laws in rehab and our younger son moving out (boo-hoo!!).



At least I knew it was Thelma and Lisa. They tend to be your partners in crime, LOL!
Marmalade is very lovely but I held off from picking it up because I have Ruby and Vintage Modern sitting on my shelf. I tried to be VERY good this summer and focus on getting out instead of bringing stuff in... I hope I don't regret it!
I hope you enjoy the quilt along. It will be fun seeing your version.

Susan Ramey Cleveland

The spool quilt is so cute. I need one for my sewing room wall. Can't wait to see yours.


I think I'm going to join the group making wall hangings for this pattern. I'm just now starting to 'embellish' the walls in my sewing corner (of my guest bedroom), and I know that the Marmalade will be the perfect fabric to make it bright and cheerful. I look forward to seeing all the posts on the quilt-a-long!! Thanks Nicole, Thelma and Lisa!!


Congratulations to Marcy!! What a great prize. I have made the spools quilt for my friend's 60th surprize birthday. It is easy and goes up so fast, hope everyone enjoys doing it! (I wish I had time to do another, it would look cute hanging in my sewing room, but I REALLY want to make it in marmalade, the last one I made was scrappy reds and yellows.)

Helen in Switzerland

OOOhhh that looks lovely! Can't wait to see progress and if I didn't have so much on my plate right now I would be joining you!!


I might be able to make a mini-sized one along with everyone. That is, after I have finished the "X-Rated" Schnibbles that I just started. :) I have a photo on my blog.


Very fun! I saw the one that Quilting on Main Street did... this will be so fun and you are right... everyone does need one in their sewing room.


Just a note, if anyone wants to join in on the quilt along and needs the pattern.... Camille is offering a discount for the pattern this week.

Deb A

I might have to join in! I already have the spools pattern, so would just have to pick some fabric and get started!

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