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July 20, 2012


Barbara Anne

Love the fabrics and the cute fabrics, but, alas, my life is toooooo crazy to jump into this project and my tiny sewing room has no blank walls. I am serious about that and have given thought to moving into DS2's soon to be vacant (but not much larger) bedroom.

AMIL comes home from the rehab facility today (joy!!) but FIL seems to be losing his marbles more than ever.

It's less than 2 weeks until DS2 moves, too.

Oh, did I mention the garden is producing like crazy and the beans, peppers, and peas need to be picked and put up?? Glub, glub!


Lisa D.

What a sweet post, Nicole. Yes, you really can meet a terrific friend online! I'm so happy to have met you. And Carrie. And Thelma, Monique, Candace...

I'm really enjoying the Spools quilt. Are you making the large or small size?


What a lovely quilt pattern and your fabric is delightful!!
What a beautiful story of friendship.

Denise in PA

Yes, we all do need that quilt in our sewing rooms! I'm in! Hopefully, I can buy the pattern tomorrow at my LQS. Nicole, your blog is one of the first quilting blogs I read and have been hooked ever since!

Paula Zumaris

Now that is putting on the pressure Nicole! I have several projects. Well maybe I will hunt up that pattern. Being part of the group would be lots of fun.


When you posted this quilt several days ago, my brain immediately screamed--scrappy strip sets! Stash busting! Easy Peasy!
No, really, I have all sorts of odd strings that I can now sort by color, sew up into the thread portion of the spool, add a top and bottom, and voila! I'll be sewing along soon!


I love the Flag of Sisterhood! And flying the banner knowing your quilty buddies are doing the same is very tempting. The fabric is gorgeous. I regret not getting a bundle when I could but I still have Ruby and Vintage Modern smiling at me from their shelves so I could not excuse it. I love the orange. It has been absent from Camille's lines since Simple Abundance and it is so refreshing.
I can't wait to see how your version comes to life!


I'm starting this weekend! I'm still waiting for my spool fabric to arrive from FQS (they had a huge MODA sale, so they are a little behind on shipping)... but I can start on the thread strips. BTW - for anyone really wanting Marmalade - you can find precuts on eBay for sure. That's where I get all my early releases. I have to wait for the yardage though ... :( Happy quilting!!


I would love to join in, but I'm afraid there are too many bills and not enough free money to go around. (2 kids in college will do that to a person!) If I can swing using some stuff from my small-ish stash, then I will attempt one. Even if it means it will be just a table topper size.

I'll be joining you in spirit for sure!


What a lovely tribute to your friends. I feel blessed as well to have "met" such wonderful blog friends. Some in real life, and some as an internet friend. One of the friends I cherish that I have met is you!

Got my pattern!!!! Just have to decide which fabric and away I go!!! I love what you say about it being a Flag of Sisterhood. I'm sure Camille is overwhelmed by the outpouring of love towards this pattern.


Blog friends are the best :-) This will be such a fun time. I hope to be able to join in.


Excellent post! I loved your post when you blog buddies finally got together, and this one is just as nice. What a great group you three are.

Thanks for all your quilting inspiration. Have loved your blog for as long as I've been reading and blogging myself.

Mary on Lake Pulaski

Quilting blog friends are THE BEST. I love the spool quilt and am going to see if I can fit this in my schedule! MMMMM..marmalade! Yours will be yummy.

Bari Jo

I got it out and poured over my pattern - soooo cute! I can't wait to make one of these, only trouble is I have to wait for Marmelade to hit the stores! ;O) Cannot wait to see how yours comes out! And if you have any tricks/tutorials/squaring up details to share as you go! I always learn so much from you! I am actually starting my zippy strippy bag - have zipper and am excited to get it done for a gift. You always inspire me and I learn a lot from your tutorials! Hope you are spool in right along! :O)

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