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July 13, 2012


Barbara Anne

Love the fall fabrics! I'll be interested in seeing how the eye glass cases go together. Perhaps summmery eye glass cases would be for sunglasses or perhaps you folks in California need them year-around.

Sorry the mug rugs didn't sell. Bother!

Today would have been my Daddy's 102nd birthday. His street number as a child was 1313 and he and Mom married on April 13 so he always considered 13 to be his lucky number.



Those are beautiful fabrics. I'm shocked about the patriotic mug rugs too. No telling, is there? Your eyeglass cases have inspired me. I've decided to make zippy bags my signature gift to friends this year. It's such a great way to use up jelly roll and regular fabric scraps. And I've got a bunch of zippers just hanging out with nothing better to do.


Love the Fall eyeglass case idea! They're going to be very cute! What about pulling the patriotic mug rugs now and re-pricing/re-packaging them for next year? They'll be 'new' all over again!


My sister loves fall. She would wish that it would be Fall all year long. To the point where she surrounds herself with pumpkin themes all year long.
I'm thinking that your fall colors will be a success!!
I love the red, white and blue themes in close to everything so I loved the mug rugs but then you have my daughter who refuses any theme related decorations (no Xmas quilts or Red, White & Blue decorations). People are weird like that! LOL!
My brother was born on Friday the 13th... I'm still not sure if I would count that as lucky... LOL!
Hope you have a wonderful weekend!!


Yummy fall fabric! They will be so cute all made up into the eyeglasses cases. No idea why the patriotic mug rugs didn't sell. You would have thought that they would be really popular!


Nicole, it may not be the price increase but you can 'test' the theory. Make some new ones that are less associated with a holiday but reflect wineries, napa, wine tasting...make just 2 sets and put them out at the increased price. Wait and see what happens. ;p

Helen in Switzerland

I'm really surprised about your mug rugs - but maybe they are seasonal and would sell better in the winter - can't imagine that anyone wants to drink hot drinks at the moment where you live!


great couple posts, Nicole. I love catching up on your blog. You are certainly an inspiration for us "advanced beginner" quilters! Love the kiss quilt...and your 4th of July schnibble is really cool! Enjoy your spools...I have not seen that pattern but will check it out, along with the geese ruler.

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