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August 16, 2012



I'm so happy to see that your zippy bags are in demand at the shop! That's wonderful! The story about the carry on being put in baggage makes my skin crawl! I'm new to Featherweight ownership (1951 model) but I am pretty sure I would have caught another flight or had a big hissy fit and gotten thrown off the plane before I would allow mine to be stowed underneath!!!! All that said, here's to happy travels for you!


I love Sandy Gervais' fabric designs too--boy they sure look terrific as zippy bags.

Hmm, I have never auditioned a wardrobe before traveling that way--but good idea!

Bonnie's story was terrible, and her point that other huge dufflebags, etc should have been moved rather than her machine and laptop was sure true! She'll definitely not tolerate that again.


Wow on your collection of zippy bags and eyeglasses cases! All of them are beyond cute! Good luck and may the "travel angels" be with you on your trip. We wouldn't want to hear another horror story like Bonnie's. Eee gads.


I need to make some more of those zippy bags. And I have some Sandy Gervais charm packs....yup, that's what I'm going to do!

And I am leaving next week for Alaska, so am also auditioning outfits. How many times can I wear the same sweater or jacket with different tops underneath is my goal! Have fun on your trip.


Good heavens! What is a person supposed to do if they travel with their sewing machine? Did she ever find out whose duffel bag was under her seat? I would have made them move it!!


I was going to wear that same outfit, guess I'll leave it at home! What a romantic and creative person you are, to sit around and contemplate what you'll be dong when you wear a certain outfit, never has that crossed my mind!

Horror of horrors, that Featherweight was PINK! That makes it all the more sad!

Your zippy bags look adorable, as usual!

Christine Thomas

I've traveled several times with my little Janome, too. I put it in the overhead. And every single time, I've been taken aside for extra security checking. I would advise you to remove the needle, though. I didn't want it broken but I also didn't want them to think it could be a "weapon" which sounds stupid, I know. But you know TSA...they don't always think logical.


Pick out your clothes for the trip, then cut it in 1/2! And try everything on, I traveled one time with my S.I.L. and she packed all her summer stuff for the first time that year, and well, you know where this story is going...right to the dept store to buy some clothes that fit. We laughed like crazy over that one.


Lovely bags - so professional looking!!!

I usually pack too much. This year I really cut back but still came home with one outfit that had not been worn.

Wishing you Happy travels.


I just love the button & yo-yo 'flowers' on your zippy pouches

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