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August 03, 2012



What a power house you are - if you can do this in your spare I can't bear to think of what you could accomplish if you had more time.


Nicole, I care for my 95 year old mother and try to juggle all the other things in my life, and I know just how you feel. You amaze me with all that you accomplish, and how beautifully you do it. But maybe you need to lighten up your load wherever you can, even if it means not sewing every day. Sometimes I skip a week and it does help me cope with everything else. And I am so happy when I get back to my sewing machine.

Shelley dionne

You have reason to rant! I think it's great when others rant...makes the rest of us feel normal :) And as medicine gets better,and we live longer, our kids will be a sandwich generation also. Maybe in YOUR infinite wisdom, you should cancel something of HIS lol!


One of the pod casters I listen to calls it the Panini generation because you are squeezed and smushed between the two generations! Hope the arrangement changes soon. Beautiful projects that you've finished! And, will you be accompanying that bag to Ireland? Now that would be a great vacation!


Right there with ya girl! If you can,cherish the moments as they are so soon gone. We all need a reason to get up in the mornings......beyond our own indulgences. Praying for you. G


Wait! "And a zippy laptop bag that is going to Ireland." ...would that mean "going to Ireland as in 'taken to Ireland'????" Now THAT would be some very good news!! Just wondering...


I'm feeling for you girlfriend!! I hope they get a taste for it and rehire the morning help!!! It is just too much, physically and emotionally!!

Helen in Switzerland

I'd be ranting too- and to be honest I don't think they are being very fair to already do a lot and you can't do everything. What happens if it's all too much and you fall apart? I think you need to put your foot down (I would!!). Take care and stay strong!


I am a sandwich too...three grands to babysit during the week and an almost 90 year old Mom who needs to be transported all week long. No complaints from me, because I am blessed that the little ones fill my heart with JOY and my Mom is an angel. May I add that I teach three quilt classes ( this week four) per week!!!
Always tired, but always grateful that my family loves and needs me. I will pray for your strength too. We need to lift each other UP!!!

Mary Kastner

First of all Nicole the bags are beautiful. you are very talented. Grandpa appreciates everything you are doing for him everyday and someday Eva will too. You can only do what you can do. Keep quilting. That is your therapy and keeping you sane. I have a twenty minute rule. Twenty minutes in the morning of quilting NO MATTER WHAT! It adds up.and some days that is all I get. I fall asleep in front of the tele with handwork in hand. BYW, the two naps a day is going to come to a halt soon. Two ways to look at it. Oh NO or you get a long one in the afternoon. My thoughts and prayers are with you. Thanks for sharing your reality. It helps all of us with our own! Mary


Well, I have not yet experienced the sandwich generation..... but my time is coming. All I can do is send you big cyber {{{HUGS}}} and all the positive vibes I can muster.

All your spare time goodies are adorable! I do believe that "uncle Brobo" will love that laptop case!


Been there, done that, and now that mom's gone, I wish I could do it again. But it was hard, hard, hard. I hope you get some relief, and it sounds like you have vacation planned...... good. Me too. Alaska!

Hang in there my friend.....and hug grandpa for me.


Paula Zumaris

I think your husband made a BIG MISTAKE! You have a right to rant and no audience like your quilting friends! I am sending prayers and hugs your way. I have absolutely no idea how you get so much done!!


Your bags are beautiful and inspiring!!

I help a lot with my grandson and now that he's so mobile he really needs to be watched 100% of the time. If only we could capture just 10% of their energy for part of our day.

Sounds like your husband needs to rethink Grandpa's caregiver needs or he might need to get one for you :) Make sure you are taking care of yourself!!

Stephani in TX

Nicole, your zip bags and eyeglass cases are so cheerful. Everyone will want one. Your stresses are making your creative efforts stack up there. Love it for us blog readers, but hope the tip-up in your pressures comes to a steady level soon.


Those bags are so cute. How do you do it all?


So glad to hear you rant, you need to vent! My parents are very close to being in the same situation and I feel very guilty for not working full-time all the the time (I work on call). Even though I take care of bills, cleaning, making sure the house runs smooth, it is assumed this is part of the wife's job (or they just don't care about it). If it is a financial issue for canceling grandpa's caregiver, then I guess you have no choice. If not, however, I would start interviewing morning caregivers and pay them from your own account (if you have one) I have several :) This way you don't need to worry about them getting cancelled. I'd also make sure I made an itemized list of all the things that you do or "responsibilities" while you are on vacation. I'm sure your list is terribly wrong, but when he runs out of clean underwear he'll start to appreciate what you do more :)


Oops I meant to write your list is terribly long, not "wrong"...although it is all wrong you doing everything. Grandbabies are great, but so is alone/quiet time :)


OMG you get more done in your "spare moments" than I get done all week and I don't have grandbabies or grandparents to take care of. Just horses and cows.


Don't feel bad for ranting, Nicole. I know first hand how you feel. When we were still in California, I had my Mom, my hubs, my grandsons AND my sister (who didn't seem to have a life except to call me and ask me to lunch.) Now I just have my hubs and I miss the others so much. You never know what you have till you lose it!

Just keep making time for yourself!!!


Nicole, if it were ME...i'd call the person who was the morning shift and rehire her. I would also tell her/him that she works for ME and GRANDPA and only WE can dismiss her. She/he is to ignore any calls from my hubby because he is 150 miles away and doesn't understand the situation!

I'm being totally serious. You're gonna end up jeopardizing your own health and that's not good.

Now go make that call! ;p


We all need to rant once in a while, and the way it sounds, you are/were long overdue. Try and get some ME time in. Thanks for sharing.


Don't feel bad about complaining or about being stressed-out! It is a healthy thing to let off steam to those who care about YOU and your well-being. I work in a nursing/rehab facility and I understand the struggles that you are going through, both mentally and physically. You do not have an easy job being the caretaker of the weak and the helpless on either side of the human lifespan. I am glad that you are talking about your distress because you will find that there are soooo many others out there who are able to sympathize with you and that may help you to continue on with your journey. I am glad that you are getting some "time off" this month and hope that it will rejuvenate your spirit!
Take care and know that we out here in blogland are thinking of you!


On a happy note today, I see you won a blog giveaway! Congrats! I would also love to make eyeglass cases as well as yours, so I could sell them in my father's Optometrist office. I think they would be big hits. Yours look so perfect - but I have to admit I haven't even tried to make one yet. Very intimidated by it for some reason. "This too shall pass" is something my mom keeps saying to me as I am raising my little ones. I really hate that saying... :)


Boy, it's tough having to handle aging parents, but also provide support to the children/grandchildren. I'm not quite at your stage yet, my dad is 79, but I have to go with him places to make sure things are okay, he has a cleaning lady for the house - THANK GOD! I do also get it from the other end with a 2 year old granddaughter who I watch frequently....hang in there!

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