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August 28, 2012


Barbara Anne

IRELAND, AARON, AND MARY ANN??!!!!!!! Bliss a bazillion times over!!! When do you leave?

Thanks for planning to keep us entertained in your absence, too.

Hill Country Baskets is utterly charming. Your advice about waiting to see how your center blocks speak to you before choosing setting triangle fabric is excellent.

When I began to learn to quilt, the folks at a great quilt shop in Austin, TX suggested not choosing border fabric until the quilt center was finished. They said the quilt might call for different borders or a pieced border, so why not keep your options open?

Have you worn Miss E out by playing with her all day yesterday?!



What a beautiful quilt. I'm loving hearing about your trip. Thanks for sharing with all of us!


I'm looking forward to your post. Also Ireland is gorgeous!


Hope you have a lovely time in Ireland - it is on my bucket list of places to visit.

Mary Jo

Love your Hill Country Baskets! I've been thinking about buying a baker's rack for my sewing room ever since I saw that tip in AP&Q magazine. I checked for them online and was surprised to see that they're available from

Wendy Ouellette

Wow wow wow!!! Two equally wonderful trips back to back! Good for you! I loved Ireland and long to go back so I will be looking forward to your photos and stories. Enjoy.

Jennifer G

I love the tip about the stripes. I buy them, but I think -- I'm never going to use this much stripe fabric! I never thought about carefully cutting them to be the sashing strips - especially on a set-on-point quilt. I'm definitely going to try that out on my next Fig Tree quilt. Glad to see the beautiful pictures from your trip and look forward to more reveals! All the best, Jennifer


This is going to be a gorgeous quilt when finished. I love Paula Barnes's patterns and have quite a few, but have resisted started any yet. I'm trying to get through some UFOs, but now I'm so tempted to start one, especially since all your tips are so helpful.
A trip to Ireland, wow. What a wonderful vacation you're going to have! Hope to see lots of pictures, it's a country I've always wanted to visit.

Sandy M

This is one of my favorite patterns by Paula. I saw it on her website a few months ago and I loved it. So I was looking forward to reading about this one. The star piece was recently made by one of my guild members and I have mixed feelings on it. I mean it's Paula's so there is some love there but not like this one! I LOVE this one.
I feel too guilty buying the pattern because over Fall market I picked up 5 of her patterns and I have yet to make them. After you mentioned the class I dug out my favorite of the bunch (Tavern Blue) and started pulling fabric for it. Funny thing is that it uses lattice strips like this one and you are so right about the striped fabric. I have none but can see the appeal.
Anyway, I love how the blocks are turning out.
As to your upcoming trip! WOOHOO!! I was just talking to my daughter over the weekend about our travel wishlist and Ireland is among the top 5 places to visit (that must be on everyone's bucket list). I'm so happy you will get to visit your son. For some reason I find that although they talk about their daily lives being able to go and see them in that environment makes you feel more comforted. At least that is how it is for me.


Oh my goodness, that is a beautiful quilt. I'm sure your version will be every bit as stunning. Glad you had a wonderful time together with your girlfriends, who wouldn't?!

Jan S.

Beautiful quilt & thanks for sharing the tips!

Elaine S.

Sounds like you had a wonderful trip to Buggy Barn and now to Ireland. Have a wonderful time!

And thanks for all the posts.


I love civil war fabrics and I am going to take your advice and buy some border fabrics! I have been building my stash of background fabrics.





Beautiful blocks! Thank you for the tips.
Enjoy your trip to Ireland! That is one country I would love to visit one day. I'm looking forward to hearing about your holiday.


i love those blocks! they are very interesting

Debbie R.

Thanks so much for sharing your trip(s) with us, plus your tips! It's fun and so interesting to hear about and see your project in progress. And I always learn things from you. Ireland! Wonderful! Have a great trip. And thanks, too, for preparing blog posts for while you're away, so we don't have to miss you! Bon voyage.


OOOh beautiful quilt.. I have quite a bounty of civil war fabrics, I should surely start on such a project! Or maybe finish the 10 I have started..LOL Thank You for sharing. Love your blocks so far! And happy travels to Ireland!!


IRELAND???!!!! You lucky gal!!! I'm envious but happy for you! ;p

Bari Jo

Oh My Goodness! I have missed being on the computer the last week - and got so excited to see I've missed some posts! Love the tips you shared! Thank you! I was wondering if you have ever done a post on prewashing your fabrics before quilting and if you do any tips/tricks? I have not been prewashing and just 'test' the reds if I think they are going to be a problem - so far no problems.... but was just wondering if in the future you could share some thoughts on it.

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