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August 31, 2012


Barbara Anne

Oh, those wool fabrics are seriously wonderful! Methinks I might hit up the thrift shops to find wool, if I ever go that direction given DS2's allergy.

Your delicious wool projects will be a delight to dive into when you're home from Ireland. What a lovely way to spend autumn ... and winter!!



LOL I am a wool hooker (rugs)and I too am glad there is no such thing as Debtor's Prison. I do get a lot of my wools from recycling clothing at the thrift shops.. you can over dye with kool aid so that saves you $$ too.

Kay McAllister

What is the name of the pattern on the one on the lower right hand corner (looks like a snowball pattern)?

Barbara Anne

Back again to say I hope you're having a wonderful time packing for this glorious, long-awaited visit with your DS and his sweetie!! Ireland, here you come!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Did you make anything quilted for them? Might there be a wedding while you're there????! ;)

Happy trails to you!


Paula Zumaris

Okay, the wool patterns are as cute as can be! I am tuning you out. I do not want to be tempted. You know you can be trouble!!

Bari Jo

Oh my this was a fun morning catch up on all your posts! Thanks for all the tips and the fun new patterns to look for! Your classes sounded great! Have fun on your trip!

Sue K

Where oh where did you find such beautiful wools??? I've just recently discovered this wonderful technique but am having trouble finding supplies.


lol...yep, it feels like $900 whenever you buy wool! ;p I love Buttermilk Basin patterns...very vintage! ;p


Okay here is a wool secret....Go to thrift shops and look for wool blazers, skirts, and pants. Take them apart and felt them and TA...DA....wool to use in your projects. Granted the colors may not be as glorious but you might have someone in your area who can over dye....Good Luck!


Love your new wool, your projects from your trip - looks like you had fun!

Linda K Smith

I have some of Stacy's Buttermilk Basin patterns from several years ago. They are for embroidery but would easily translate to wool. I love her patterns. One of my favorites is a simple one with a crow on a pumpkin. I enlarged it a little and added a border. It's a good size to be a table topper or a small wall hanging. It would be so great to take a class from her.

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