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September 06, 2012


Barbara Anne

Crossroads is my favorite, too, but the other 4 wonderful quilts are all a close second! Delicious fabrics, too.

Happy Thursday! You're about 6 hours ahead so I wonder what this day's adventures are for you!


Sandy M

I have been following Cathy (Quilting on Main Street Blog) make Crossroads. She is almost done and it's looking great. I picked up Tavern Blues and Elizabeth (the first and second of your pictures) a while ago. I finally started collecting for Tavern Blue. Maybe I'll get around to it next year! LOL!


OOOH! I love this look! Blocks on point always capture my attention. You've chosen beautiful fabrics. I'm curious..why the name change from Bonnie Blue to Red Crinoline? Did I miss an explanation?

Sue Bennett

Love what you have picked out for Crossroads. Yummy. Cant wait to see your quilt.

Anne Simonot

This is not about this post, but further to your book post of a couple weeks ago - I would like to add "Into the Darkest Corner" by Elizabeth Haynes to my list of suggestions. Just finished it and could not put it down!


I've always been a big fan of Paula Barnes patterns. Crossroads is a winner for sure!!


Really love the pinkish/brown triangle quilt in your photos - although they are all stunning!

Hope you are having fun!


Love the fabrics you picked out for Crossroads! It's funny because the blue looks like a gray dusty blue, not turquoise, but really pretty! Can't wait to see it done :)


How beautiful these quilts are! I absolutely love the Crossroads quilt. The fabrics you picked are so lovely. I have wanted to do a civil warish quilt for sometime, you have me so inspired by this post, THANKS!! :)

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