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September 05, 2012


Barbara Anne

How cute is Halloween 1904?! Love the pattern and overall look. As quickly as you get quilt tops made, I expect to see this quilt on your bed in about 7 weeks max!

Will you give us the piecing tutorial for the stars or is it online somewhere? Since you're far, far away, I may have to search for that tutorial.

Hope you're have a wonderful time and are delighted by every turn of the road and every bite of food.


Karen Beigh

Clever idea for the stars. I remember this quilt pattern. Not one I have but one I considered purchasing. Go, Girl!


I have always wanted to purchase this quilt pattern/kit! This may just help make my decision.
Please give us the instructions/tutorial for the stars. Enjoy your trip!

[email protected]

Tracey Holzer

Halloween 1904 is beautiful...I'll look forward to seeing yours!


I love this quilt! Could you possibly share the instructions for the stars? I'm not a big applique person myself.

Sandy M

Huge Blackbird design fan. I like the sample they made. Some samples I have seen tend to make this quilt too bright. I know that it's Halloween but I like a more primitive look and I think they did a great job at that. Did you get the kit they offer?
My daughter is the buggy barn method expert. I have tons of their books and have made nothing. She, on the other hand, tackled the method and didn't blink an eye.

Gertie Pye

I have this pattern too! I have been building up a stash of orange and mustard prints but really need to find the black / darks. It is such a great Hallowe'en pattern.

Tina Marie

Love that quilt!

Lynne in Hawaii

I remember seeing this is cute. Now, when you return from the emerald isle, you might want to look at a blog called 'Kim's Big Quilting Adventures'. She thrifts her wool, felts it and has died it too. I am sure you can search out the posts on what she does.

Sue Bennett

That is adorable. Love the white pumpkin..It is now on my to do list.

Nancy Watkins

Glad you are enjoying your vacation! I have been coveting Halloween 1904 ever since it came on. I would pick up the pattern, put it down, pick it up and put it down and now you have made the choice for me....I MUST HAVE IT! I've been the Buggy Barn once and hope I can get back there some day. Thanks for sharing your pictures and adventures with us!


I've always loved this quilt and have the fabric and pattern. Would you possibly share the star piecing? Appliqueing that many stars has put me off doing this quilt.


I thoroughly enjoy your blog - try to read it everyday. You share the best pics and inspiration! I've seen pics of this before and continue to be drawn to it - may have to just break down and buy the darn pattern while I'm thinking of it! Thanks for all the fun and joy of your ramblings!!


I like it too!

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