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September 19, 2012


Audrey Bretz

Your piecing is perfect! I can't wait to see this one put together. It will be beautiful!

Nancy Watkins

Love your little basket blocks! Thanks for the sewing tips too. :)

Nancy, Near Philadelphia

Thank you for sharing all of those tips!

Sandy M

OMG! I LOVE that last tip!! I have been using these singles since you first blogged about them. I pick them up every time I see them at a show since they cannot be found locally here. Instead of a pin I use a little swipe from the sewline glue stick I have. Trimming the paper away has always been the downside and Tip #3 will help alot.
BTW, your baskets are looking fantabulous!

Robin Chapa

Wonderful tips! Thank you!

Barbara Anne

The fabrics you've chosen make your Basket blocks sing!! Well done!

Of course, your tutorial, suggestions, and photos are most helpful and I thank you. I like shortcuts, too!



Thanks for the tips. Fall must be in the air, because I am loving the colors of your squares. This quilt will be beautiful (I haven't seen an ugly one come from you yet!)


I haven't seen that paper before! Love it! ;p

Sue Babich

What adorable little basket blocks ! You are making great progress.

Thanks for the tips


I'm making sheets of 1/2 sq tri's using Thangles, They are on a roll, so you can make your strips as long as you want. I'm doing 44 1/2 sq' at a time, takes about 15 min start to finish. Then tv time for paper removal!


One more tip that I love is do not rip the paper out until AFTER you have pressed the seam allowance. The paper helps stabilize the square - no distortion. Press, then rip out.

JoAnne McPherson

Peniford has the same tip I was going to say. Press before the paper comes off. That means that you have to put the paper against the light fabric, so you can lay them on the ironing board paper side down, leaving the dark side up. Then you can press it open. The paper really helps stabilize everything so there isn't any pressing distortion.


Such pretty baskets, Nicole! I love your fabric choices! Always wondered about the Star Singles - thanks for the great tip!

Bari Jo

Thank you for this!!!! :O) Love those squares -they would make a cute scrappy just as is, too!

Molly Hinchcliffe

Who makes the pattern? Love the baskets and now want to make a quilt for myself with the same pattern?

Debbie R.

Your baskets are terrific. Thanks for sharing those tips for perfect little blocks.


wow, I love your basket blocks and the fabric colors you are using.
Great tips, I will be using these for sure. Got to get me some of those papers.


Love the basket blocks! I just ordered that pattern today. I've got a big stash of Civil War repros and I'm just trying to decide on a colorway (all assorted, indigos or pink & brown). Such a difficult decision!


Those Star Singles are a quilting aid I am going to use! A lot! Thanks for alerting me to them.

Barbara Anne

Olly, olly oxen free! Come out, come out, wherever you are!

You're missed! Hope you'll awaken to find your blogging mojo back.

Big hugs!

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