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September 14, 2012



Nicole, there is a magazine available here in Canada that is called Irish Quilting, so there must be a few of them around:

It looks like you are having a wonderful time, enjoying being with your "kids"!

Sandy M

I was just going to mention the Irish Quilting Magazine when I read Marian's comment. As to all that lint.. I'm thinking they need to take a leaf blower to that!!!
Hope you enjoy your weekend sewing. September is Sewing month! Enjoy it!


They have the Irish Quilting magazine here in the states as well.


Love those plaids, must be the Scottish heritage in me! Looks like you had an amazing trip.


Fascinating. What an amazing place to visit while in Ireland!! I am sure there were plenty of amazing places to visit while there, though. :-) I love the photos!!! Colors are so vibrant and beautiful. Are the prices of the wool comparable to those in the US?

Gertie Pye

There are definitely more quilters per head of population in the US than in the UK and Ireland. But this is where the internet is so great - even though we are few and far between, we can share our makes and even meet up occasionally.


Be STILL my HEART...I am a rug hooker that quilts on the side....oh the colors!

Jennifer G

My mother just arrived in Dublin today for a 2 week vacation with friends. I'm texting her your tips and noteworthy items. I hope she will be bringing me back some Irish pottery, because I haven't heard much about Irish quilts. All the best on getting back into your groove!


So beautiful! Looks like you had a wonderful trip. I'm so glad.

Mary Kastner

Hi Nicole,

I'm so glad you had such a nice trip. Welcome back.



Hi Nicole,
How fun to be at Avoca Mills. We were there in 1998 and I still have my shawl I bought there. In 1998 I didn't see my quilt shops when we were over there. There is a quilt show and in 2013 it will be the 2nd annual show: (International Quilt Festival of Ireland). I would love to go back to Ireland!!


Oh Nicole, I dream of visiting Ireland someday - my paternal grandparents were born there! The Avoca mill reminds me a little of Pendleton Woolen Mills, here! Looks like you had fabulous weather, too!


You are right, those colours are wonderful!
Two years ago I visited an exhibition of Irish quilts, here in the Netherlands. So there have to be Irish quilters. :-)

Anne Marie Hobbs

Hi Nicole! Glad you enjoyed your trip over here! To answer your question, there are plenty of quilters in Ireland and as a matter of fact I am the owner of a quilt shop in co. Wexford. Quite a few of us read your blog and some of my customers told me that if you stopped in while on your visit to call them immediately LOL! Our quilt shops are not on main street but usually located in buildings adjacent to our homes. I am an American who lives on sheep farm and runs a B&B, the quilt shop is in a building on the farm. Next time please stop in, Kilbora Quilt Shoppe or stop by the shop's blog! All the best, Anne Marie


welcome back - hope you adjust to your time soon! Loved your posts while gone. The BB quilt show looks amazing!

Sandy E

Thanks for sharing the travelogue of your trip- seeing new locations, learning customs and connecting with family.

Susan Ramey Cleveland

I've been away from your blog longer than I had realized. And here I find out you've been to Ireland. I want to go so bad. My great great grat grandfather was from there. I keep saying I'm going, buy haven't yet. Maybe next June for the quilt festival.

Barbara Anne

Love the glorious colors of the wools at the amazing mill you visited. Did you have a chance to buy some of the wool to bring home with you? If so, however did you choose from among the many beautiful wools??

Thanks for taking us for a wee visit!



I'm an American quilter living in Ireland, and my LQS is owned by a lovely woman living in Limerick, with her shop located on her property behind her house. is her website!


What a fun place to visit while you are visiting such a fun place! Love those fabrics!!! You could help start a quilting movement in Ireland if you lived there... teach them how we do it in the states... and then learn techniques from them too!

Mary K. Langford

After seeing your tiered cupcakes, I set off in search of a fall centerpiece which just happened to be at Marshall's in a fall leaf pattern (very inexpensive), and will suit to Thanksgiving. This day, hubby and I purchased one huge cupcake, we placed candy corn on the centerpiece along with peanuts in their shells (we are dieting so we will try to behave ourselves again for a couple of weeks. Love the suggestion of the Kansas fabric (seems anything with small dots or pokadots works well to draw a quilt together).
Love you blog, Kathy in Tucson

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