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September 13, 2012


Barbara Anne

Welcome home!!! Somehow I didn't realize that you and Sara were the two who were travelling but I can imagine how much fun and joy were had by all.

Did Miss E stay home or travel, too? How did that go?

The photos are lovely and the pet headstones are sweet. That picture Ahern took of the angel arranging flowers is charming.

Hope your usual energy is restored soon, but meanwhile, enjoy all the naps you need.


marie claude

oui c est une belle maison et vous pourriez y faire un b and b et donner des cours de patch .... alors c est sur je suis des votres


What an exciting trip!! I'd love to visit Ireland.


Beautiful photos! How wonderful you & Sara got to see Ahren & Maryann in Ireland! Welcome home!

Gertie Pye

These are beautiful photos! What a super holiday. I have been to Northern Ireland but not to the South - ridiculous as we are so close! We must go one year...

Elaine S.

Glad you had such a good time. Just rest for now.


What a fabulous trip, and oh the fun and laughter you must have enjoyed! Glad you are now home, safe and sound. Ready to catch up on a week's worth of cuddles from Princess E.


So that's where you went, how wonderful! Beautiful pictures, especially of the angel. :-) Hope you'll soon feel better.


What fun pictures! Glad you and Sara had such a good trip - Ireland is a fantastic place.

Amy L.

My DH and I went to Powerscourt on our Ireland vacation two years ago. The gardens were magnificent, and we spent hours roaming there. Did you have time to see Glendalough in County Wicklow? Rustic beauty compared to the opulence of Powerscourt.

Debbie R.

Thanks for sharing the photos. It looks beautiful. Love that woolen mill. How wonderful that you and Sara could go together! Now try to keep that wonderful vacation feeling for as long as possible.

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