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September 27, 2012


Barbara Anne

What a good idea to have a party! I spy some cute sunflower plates, too. How did Ozzie like your guests (or the food)?

Cupcake love, seriously! Congratulations to Lila and Sage plus some envy to those who live in or near Murphy so can partake of those amazing cupcakes!

I hope you're soon feeling lots happier. Perhaps you have delayed dismay at missing Ahren and Mary Ann?

Big hugs!


That looks like a festive setting for an evening with friends! Hope your get together helped to cheer you! I forgot to mention in your last post comments that the "Snap Out of It!" girl is one of my favorites from ME! She really gets her 'message' across!! harummmmph!!!!

Stephani in TX

You may have the blues but I enlarged your photo of the cupcakes for a little "joy in the morning" in checking your blog this morning. Yum! Will be sure to look out for your local shop on Cupcake Wars. Your get-together looks just the ticket for making things look up. Hopefully, when we are responsible for so much, we can re-direct some energy in a positive way in order to "sally forth." You have just taken such a step, surrounding yourself with friends. Thinking of you...

Mary Kastner

Good for you. It looks lovely.



Funny I also love the "Snap Out of It" saying and have a mug a friend gave me with saying...hint maybe? Oh, and I also enlarged the cupcakes to check out each one individually, they look yummy! Must make a trip to Murphys as the wine looks good's to more parties :)

Gertie Pye

There are not many things that friends and cupcakes can't make better!


Have a party to remember that there are still good things in your life and to remember we all have rough's part of life. ;p


Great attitude, Nicole! And in place of a party - just sew!


This photo is making my mouth water! And what a great idea to help you "snap out of it" at least for a little while. Hang in there!


What a good idea to have a party! Good friends are a treasure. :-)

Jennifer G

I'm sorry you have felt down. I wish I liked wine, I've been told it cures a multitude of issues. Even better when you get to the be the one at home and everyone else has to stay sober to drive away! Feel better soon!

Lisa D.

I'm glad you had a party and pushed the blues aside for a bit. Friends, wine and cupcakes sound like a wonderful way to do just that! Not enough info about the cupcakes, my friend. Please describe in intimate detail!!!


Ah, so this is a new spin on 'If life gives you lemons...' I think I like your version, cupcakes and pinot grigio! Just love your spirit...'Get outta here, blues'. Gotta go, suddenly have the urge to plan a party!

Paula Zumaris

Good for you Nicole! Where would we be without our good friends?!!


Glad you chased those blues away, Nicole. The party setting looked delightful!

Quilter Kathy

Absolutely...the perfect solution!

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