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October 05, 2012


Audrey Bretz

What an interesting perspective and something to really think about. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers as you take care of things... Isn't it great that you have sewing/quilting to 'focus' on and maybe forget some problems for a while?? Take care -

Barbara Anne

Cheers and happy dancing that these glorious Metropolitan Fair fabrics have proved to be just what your Hill Country Baskets quilt needed!! This project will no longer hang over your head like that swirling ominous cloud overhead did in the movie Practical Magic. The baskets will now sing and will delightfully beckon you as you continue working on Halloween 1904.

The observation of your mentor about use of dark fabrics = dark mood is very, very interesting. I can see how that does fit. Methinks a bright quilt project needs to be my next choice.

Happy focusing!


I think you (and your mentor) are right, working with cheery colors can put you in a cheerier frame of mind. I hope the addition of these new fabrics is just what you, and your Hill Country Baskets project, are looking for. Cheers!

Sandy M

That line is really lovely. I'm happy that it has inspired you to tackle that basket quilt. That quilt is just so lovely.


I can't wait to see your new blocks!


A friend once referred to my crafty projects as "Color Therapy" and that phrase has stuck with me. I like to have several projects going at once because 1) I get bored easily and 2) sometimes I am in the mood for a different color palette. Good luck with your new project!


Yes, fabric can be therapy. If we could only claim it as a medical expense!



So glad to see you are getting your mojo back!! Love love the Metropolitan Fair fabric. I have a bunch of fabric to make the Halloween 1904 quilt, but am now inclined to wait and see how yours comes together as I always appreciate your use of color. Onward and upward!


Sounds wonderful Nicole. And I agree with the effect that fabric and colors have on our mood and vice versa. Thinking of you! xo Pam

Nancy, Near Philadelphia

LOVE those fabrics! And like that you are mixing lines, too . . . . Eager to see your results!


Gotta get me some of that gorgeous Metropolitan Fair fabric collection. The colours are wonderful. I'm not so keen on bright, colourful fabric, really love my Civil War fabrics. They can be dark, but I alway like to throw in some yellow or orange/cheddar. Even light blues. That way things don't get too dark. And I'm not in a dark mood, I just love these fabrics.

Jennifer G

You inspired me to bid in eBay on a precut of Metropolitan Fair yesterday, which I won. I'm hoping to gather a lot of reproduction collections together and come up with a good quilt for them. I'm not drawn to the really overall dark collections, although I think you have to mix in some of the blacks to make everything pop. This is why I really, really like the Mill Girls collection, because they have the brighter colors, but still keeps the sense of Civil War era feel. I'm doing two projects with them now - the Away from Home and Mill Girls quilt. You can see pictures of them on my blog if you want. I can't wait to see your basket blocks with Metro. Maybe that's the quilt I need to do! All the best this weekend!!

Gertie Pye

This is a lovely collection Nicole - I haven't seen it before but I am going to check it out. It is very much your pallette but that touch brighter and more vibrant. I'm glad it has inspired you. Can't wait to see what you make out of it.

I have never bought a fat eighth bundle before but it seems to me to be the perfect compromise - all of the fabric lines but not huge quantities and half the cost!


Love that fabric!!!!!! Cannot wait to see it in your new blocks!! :-)


Your heart has to sing, always! Happy Quilting


Love the Metropolitan Fair fabrics. You need to do what is best for you:) Isn't it great you can always revamp as you go along.

Susan Ramey Cleveland

I find myself drawn to very bright and clear colors, or either soft pastels, even when I'm not feeling great. I hope your issues get worked out and leave you alone to quilt in happiness and peace.

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