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October 16, 2012



Aren't quilters such a nice group of people? You sure have lots of cheerleaders to help you push through that set-back! Thanks for the reminder of the Easy Angle tutorial, too! As Jimmy Buffet's song says...breathe in, breathe out...move on!

Christine Thomas

I admire your fortitude. I would have cried, set the whole project aside. You are pressing on and that is a good thing.

Gertie Pye

Oh Nicole I feel your pain with the 384 wrong sized HSTs. I know only too well the sinking feeling in the pit of the stomach when you first realise the mistake, and then hope it isn't, but really you know it's wrong. I would have been tempted to recalculate the quilt with smaller HSTs but then obviously you would end up with a smaller quilt. Then I would have been very tempted to put it into a box and not look at it ever again. Full marks for taking it on the chin and carrying on. I'm sure you will think of something ingenious for the extra HSTs which will make a happy little project for another day x


Easy Angle ruler is one of my best quilting friends! so quick and easy!


I bought that ruler on your recommendation quite a while ago, and love it! I like not having to trim down my HSTs.

Elaine S.

I probably would have remade the HST too. Think you will be the happiest with that choice. Sew On, Nicole!


Glad you found a solution. I'm a big fan of the Easy Angle. One thing I've found that really helps with the accuracy is if you starch your fabric before cutting the strips. It really makes a difference sewing those bias seams.

Bari Jo

I just read the last two posts... oh man I feel so badly for you - yet yay for you to push past the set back and I like the ruler you mentioned and your tutorial - I will have to look for that ruler soon! Hope you get your fabric quickly and get caught up so you can enjoy the rest of the project!!!

Barbara Anne

Veddy interesting! Cheers for your boldness in starting over and making lemonade from the 2" blocks! Applause, applause!

I still find making 384 HSTs a daunting project and, wizard that you are, doing it so very quickly -twice- is all the more remarkable!

You go, girl!


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