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October 19, 2012


diana young

did you seriously post this at 4 am wow that must be how everybody gets so much done that looks like my pile im doing hubble right now in salt air just loved it have to use charms for somethng this is it think ill finish next week


Congrat's to the winners.


Yay! Chris won! Congratulations to her and to all the other winners. By the way, her red and yellow quilt is as beautiful in person as it is on your screen! I know because I'm the very blessed friend she gifted it to!! I get to see it every day!!!


Congratulations to all the winners and participats! It was indeed fun to see the parade of all the different versions of Spools. So much creativity!


Those fabrics are just beautiful! SO glad you are catching up . :) Thanks for the prizes!! I can't believe it! :) Thanks too to everyone who said so many nice things about my quilt!!! You just never know what a few scraps will make huh?! I enjoyed looking at all the photos turned in for the parade, so many great ideas and beautiful fabrics. All very inspirational too. :)


How fun of you to send out prizes, YEAH to the yellow/red one, I loved it! I love seeing the same pattern made up by different people/methods, and seeing them all together just shows how everyone puts their own spin on patterns.

Jennifer G

Yay for Eva! Don't you love long naps? Too bad you couldn't squeeze a nap in yourself, right?

Barbara Anne

What a perfect little grand-angel you have in Eva. She just knew you needed sewing time as much as she needed a good nap.

Applause for the prizewinners!


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