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October 01, 2012


JoAnne McPherson

I'm in love with your Shiloh! The colors are perfect. I also use the Fit to Be Geese ruler now whenever I need geese. Have a great day!

Gertie Pye

This is a really lovely Fall quilt Nicole! I love your Civil War reproduction fabrics. I am still a bit scared of flying geese so I will have to deliberately choose a project with lots of them to break the fear factor!


The colors of your quilt would definitely fit the colors of the trees right now where I live. It's almost as if the leaves decided to change overnight! I wish you sewing time this week so you can show us your beautiful flying geese.

Barbara Anne

WOW! What a glorious quilt Shiloh has turned out to be!!!! Aren't you over the moon pleased with it? I love the many colors, fabrics, and the perfect placement of each one in the quilt top. How large will Shiloh be?

No sewing for me this weekend but AMIL and I made another batch of salsa. Yum!


Lisa D.

What a beautiful quilt Shiloh is turning out to be. Your color palette couldn't be more perfect. I love it!


Looks like a change of view in projects was just what you needed. Looks great. I'm going to have to get those rulers. Everyone raves about them.


Your quilt looks great!! I really like the colors! I'm going to have to check out that ruler also. I need help with those geese sometimes.

Stephani in TX

So much good in the color venture on your quilt. It looks awesome. It also lifted your spirits. Your post was a good plug for the rulers and for layer cakes. I need a better way to do flying geese, and I am glad to know a layer cake can be that adaptive and flexible.


What a lovely quilt! You've chosen a great combination of colors! Yay for getting so much done! I am such a fan (thanks to your demos) of Fit To Be Geese rulers! Perfectly matched geese every single time is the truth!!!


What a fantastic quilt!! It really came together quickly and oh so beautiful!!


Ahh, it is truly a beauty!

Nancy Watkins

It's beautiful Nicole! Now I really must get me one of those rulers! I've always liked Arnold's Attic.


Perfect colours for this perfect quilt. I love the Arnold's Attic collection. I have the Open Gate flying geese ruler, but not sure I could attempt something as intricate as "Shiloh". But, isn't that what quilting is all about, setting a little challenge for yourself once in awhile?


Love it! Gorgeous color combination. Don't think I'm smart enough to lay out that quilt as well as you have. I'm glad to see you are excited again, too. Nothing like some success with a beautiful quilt top to pep you up.

Sandy M

Wow! I can't believe how this has changed the look of the quilt. I remember looking at the kit when you first bought the pattern. It had a green and burgundy tone if I recall correctly. This gave it a whole new look. I love it. It will be a great fall quilt.

chris floraday

Just perfect! Love the colors. I have that flying geese ruler, and have never used it. Just went to a Monique Dillard lecture, and am inspired to try it now!

Sue Babich

WOW ! Just beautiful ! You made great progress this weekend ! Congrats !


What a glorious quilt for fall!!!! Just beautiful!


I remember Arnold's Attic but never bought any of it, so sad! The blocks look fabulous and I agree about your lights and darks doing the dance :)


That quilt is stunning, absolutely stunning! That better be some border you have, it's got a lot to live up to with those center blocks!


You rock, Nicole! ;p


Gorgeous!!!!! Absolutely gorgeous!! You are so right about the fabric colors causing your eyes to constantly move around the quilt. That quilt just screams homey goodness!!! Very inspiring, Nicole. :-)

Bari Jo

Wowee! Fabulous! Such a pretty quilt for this new season! Thanks for the tip on the layer cakes, too! I love Monique's ruler, too! I really will go out of my way now to find rulers that will let you make a block or section and then trim down to perfect size - makes things so much more accurate! Her ruler is fun to work with!


Love your Shiloh progress! Love Arnold's Attic too...its one of my faves, especially the blues. Can't wait to see this one finished :)

Debbie R.

Gorgeous! Looks like your mojo is coming back!

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