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October 08, 2012



Darling piece -- I love that you made it your own - and made it even better. Beautiful prints use. As I read -- I just seem content.


What a wonderful quilt this will be. Love your pumpkin blocks.


Love the faces on your pumpkins! So cute!

Mary Kastner

Love it. You are out doing yourself on tho one. Great appliqu├ęs. Good luck this week with your projects.



I LOVE your pumpkins! Great job, they add so much to the pattern! It's hilarious to read your blog and mine. There you are, throwing blocks on your design wall, on top of another project no less, and then you have me, doing one whole block at a time. We are a pair!

But isn't this fun!

Sue Babich

WOW! Your blocks look great ! Just love the extra applique you did on the pumpkins ! You will have this quilt done in no time .

Barbara Anne

Wow! Lookee what you did!!! Your pumpkins are charming and what a delight to make the pattern your own by these wonderful customized changes!

Halloween 1904 and Shiloh do go very well together. I first thought you'd made very nearly a whole quilt's worth of blocks in the blink of an eye. As if by magic, doncha know?!

My Halloween quilt is hanging in our entry hall. I made it during the OP challenge Pat Sloan held a couple of years ago and had it quilted with variegated orange thread. Love it!



LOL... when I saw the Design Wall at the top of the first thought was.
"I Love This Layout".... second thought was..."Now how in tarnation is she going to put that together"
Then I read that its 2 different quilts and I still love the layout on the top posting!!!!


Oh, WOW, this is a delightful pattern, and I love the many ways you are making it your own. Going right upstairs to the closet now to pull out my own stash and pattern...truly fun and inspiring. Can't wait for your next post.

Sandy M

I had to do a double take when I saw the picture. I LOVE how the flying geese in Shiloh look with Halloween! You are Miss Creative with this one. I love your add-ons. They really give the quilt personality. I love using the Spinning stars for my HST. You guys are just flying through this quilt! I love it! It gives me so many inspiring photos.


Creativity is truly a high. Looking good.
Question : are you going to give the star pumpkin an "eye"? All of the others have one.

Quilter Kathy

A wonderful looking design wall full of action! I find it very interesting how you and Thelma each approach a project with such different strategies.


I think you and Thelma should get together and start designing quilt patterns. Seriously!!!


Wonderful changeups in the applique, Nicole! I can sense your quilt endorphins all the way from here and the contentment quotient is really high!

Jennifer G

Don't you love a productive weekend? I can feel your excitement through the post. I should get my kit later this week, and I can't decide which method to do the stars. I was wondering on yours, do you have a seam allowance turned under before applique or is that just raw edge? If it is seam allowance, how did you get your points so sharp??

Gertie Pye

I love this pattern and your version is wonderful Nicole. By coincidence I unearthed a box with my assorted orange and dusty green fat quarters in that I collected for this pattern. Now if I can just sort the dark prints ...


I am in love with your pumpkin blocks! They look like they were fun to make!

Robin Booth

I love how you have taken this pattern and made it your own. It's coming together really well. I am making Hallowe'en 1904 too but I am doing needleturn applique so it's taking forever. I've only got 7 more stars to go and I'll be done.

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